What Was Bruce Lee’s Diet

what was bruce lee's diet

Bruce Lee is a household name, and his life is shrouded in mystery. One of the most popular questions people ask about him, is what was Bruce Lee’s diet?

In this article, we will look at some of the possible diets that he may have followed throughout his life. We will also take a look at how these different diets might have impacted his health and appearance.

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Who Was Bruce Lee?

Bruce Lee was born in the year 1940, and he died at the age of 32 in 1973. Despite such a short life, his passion for martial arts and fitness was recognized by many people throughout the world.

During this time there were many diets that were talked about in society, that people would follow to help improve their health and appearance. Lee followed many, some of which will be touched on in this article.

For example, vegetarianism was something that was adopted by many people throughout the world, including countries such as India and China. A lot of people thought that it helped improve health, although there wasn’t much scientific evidence to suggest it did. Vegetarianism is where somebody cuts out all meat, fish, and dairy products from their diet.

Lee’s father was very strict about his diet, so he would have known about vegetarianism. His dad was an herbal doctor after all! Vegetarianism wasn’t the only dietary choice that has been attributed to Lee though. He is also reported to have had some fluky foods in his diet including eggs, honey and cod liver oil.

Maybe all of these dietary choices attributed to his strong physic that he became famous for. This physic helped him become a world-renowned martial artist, starring in many films throughout the world.

Bruce Lee Fasting

Lee was also a fan of fasting throughout his life too. He started doing this when he was around sixteen years old, and it eventually turned into a daily thing. He flexed his willpower and controlled of his mind to deal with the hunger pains throughout this time of day.

Fasting has been used by religious people for centuries though, so Lee wasn’t the first person to do this! It’s thought that he would do this each day before going to bed, and then not eat until the next day. This was an interesting choice of diet, but there isn’t any evidence to suggest it made him stronger in anyway. In fact some people believe that fasting could be dangerous for your health!

Bruce Lee Supplements

In terms of supplements though he loved using them throughout his life. He drank a lot of milk, and he even used a supplement called mega 10. This was created by his friend George Yohalem, and it contained Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, vitamin E, selenium and zinc. This is something that people use these days to help improve their general health.

What Did Bruce Lee Drink?

In terms of what he drank, he tended to stick to just water throughout his life. This is thought to be because of his training that required him to stay hydrated at all times! The only thing other than water that he would drink was milk, which made up a lot of his diet.

The reason for this choice in Lee’s mind, was that milk was rich in nutrients, especially when it came to protein! He also believed that milk had some incredible fat burning properties too. For example he said that “milk is full of vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and everything else your body needs to recover from strenuous workouts”.

The only other drink that Lee would have on a regular basis was tea. He wasn’t a massive fan of tea though, so he would only have it with something else.

Lee thought that milk is the best thing for you to drink if you are trying to build up your muscles, which made it very popular throughout his time as a martial artist! No matter what diet he decided to follow though, he would stick to it and do it 100%!

Lee was a very passionate person when it came to his training, and that also included the food he ate throughout his life. Following a specific diet can be hard at times, but if you follow it with passion then you could experience some great health benefits!

Lee’s legacy is still going from strength to strength, and his dietary choices have been something that a lot of people have tried to follow in the decades since he passed away.

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