Weight Watchers Diet (WW) | What is it and Does it Work?

The Weight Watchers Diet Program (or WW Diet) is one of the most popular diet regimens out there. And for good reason. There are a ton of benefits that this program brings. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the end-all-be-all solution for weight loss. Read on to see if the Weight Watchers diet is the right fit for you in your weight loss journey. 

weight watchers diet

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When deciding which weight loss program to use, you need first to determine your bad habits. Are you consuming too much food or just pigging out on too much of the wrong food? With whatever diet plan you choose, you need to make sure that it is achievable and realistic for your particular lifestyle.

How do I diet properly? 

How many calories do I need to consume per day, and how many should I burn?

How many servings of fruits and vegetables should I have? 

What are my macros?

Should I cut carbs out completely?

Do I need to starve my belly away?

These are only a few of the questions that might be rattling around inside your noodle.

But if you are ready to take your dieting seriously and would like a guide to hold your hand and be with you on your weight loss journey, the Weight Watchers diet might just be the ticket for you. This diet is suitable for people who want a slow and consistent weight loss journey. It uses the Smartpoint system to allow customers to consume sugar, fat, and carbs within a reasonable amount. So no food is off of the table; you can eat anything as long as you do not go over your Smartpoints limit.

People who are overweight and told by their doctors that they need to lose body fat lost twice as much weight as people who went to a dietitian or weight-loss professional. You should also note that people following the Weight Watchers regiment lost 2.6% more body fat than others that followed a different regimen.

Benefits of the Weight Watchers Diet

benefits of weight watchers

Weight Loss

To lose weight, you need to understand that the quicker you lose the weight, the easier it is to gain back. Diet plans like Keto and fasting definitely can work wonders, but the problem is that some people tend to yo-yo with these plans and not stick to them, causing a big spike in weight when they decide to get off the diet. Weight Watchers users lose an average of 2 pounds a week, which is perfect for people willing to embark on a steady weight loss journey.

Losing weight benefits your entire being, including better cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and leveled blood pressure. The more weight you lose, the fewer chances you have to develop chronic diseases.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University completed a study on Weight Watchers and found that it is safe, secure, and expert-recommended. In six months, participants lose at least 8% of their weight and suffer fewer hunger cravings than the participants on other diets.

Better Food Choices

There are many benefits to joining the Weight Watchers program besides weight loss. This program helps you build new habits for your health and gives you 24-hour access to personal support.

No other weight loss program has created a situation where its customers could indulge in whatever they wanted and lose more weight than people who were restricting themselves from eating what they wanted to. Someone interested in joining should note that people on the Weight Watchers program lost more than eight times more weight than people who are not on the program.

Since this is not the type of diet where they will send food to you, you can pick whatever foods you want. It is recommended that you choose Weight Watchers Power Foods during your weight loss journey because they will help you lose more weight faster.

These foods contain more fiber and protein and lack dangerous carbs and fat that we all love. Everyone knows protein keeps people feeling full for a more extended period, and fiber helps you flush out toxins from your body since they aid in increasing your potty breaks.

But there’s not just one way to use the Weight Watchers program. Weight Watchers is there to help you train your mind to get you on the right track using meetings, Weight Watchers OnlinePlus, and Weight Watchers eTools. The sessions are there to give you the in-person support to keep going when you hit that inevitable wall of struggle.

In comparison, online resources provide you with the confidence to do it at home. The cool thing is that it’s not just a one or the other type of deal. You can easily go to meetings and still use the online support to help you during this diet plan.

How Does the Weight Watchers Diet Work

how weight watchers works

Most diets either restrict what you eat or heavily restrict your caloric intake. That’s what is so unique about the Weight Watchers Diet. You don’t deprive yourself of anything. You will have enough Smartpoints to get you through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. So you won’t be stuck eating celery sticks and bone broth your whole life. You will get a plan catered to your specific lifestyle and goals. How many points you get per day is based upon everything ranging from your sex to your weight and height.

When using this program, you need to keep track of what you consume and what workouts you completed daily or weekly. Though some people follow the diet plan and do not complete any exercise, it is highly recommended that you do both for the best results.

The point system is great for going to the grocery store because you can quickly check your phone and see what point values match certain foods that you can choose. Once again, no food is off-limits to participants of this diet (have we mentioned that yet?).

You can eat that ice cream or those cookies; however, understand that they might take a significant chunk of your Smartpoints away from you for the day. So your other meals would have to consist of vegetables or high protein low-calorie foods. If you are going to the store for a specific recipe, they have you covered. Just pull up the recipe on your phone and follow the point count.

Smartpoints Foods Examples

While using the Smartpoints system, you might be surprised to find out that many foods that share the same points value are not the same type of food. For example, bean sprouts and chicken breast are zero points; however, chicken breast are 335 cal per serving while being sprouts are one calorie per serving. There is a 334 cal difference even though they are worth the same amount of points. Insane right?

For people who have a sweet tooth and are fans of M&M’s, you might have to switch those out for a serving of Double stuffed Oreos. Both desserts are worth 140 cal apiece per serving; however, M&M’s are four points while double stuffed Oreos are two points. You should note that they also share the same calorie count as a hamburger bun which is 4 points also.

Furthermore, people who think that popcorn is a light snack are in for a rude awakening. Popcorn without butter is 225 cal per serving, and it shares that same calorie count and point value as spaghetti. So instead of taking the “healthy” choice, fix a second helping of spaghetti and call it a night. You will be full quicker with a meal that will stick.

Pros of Weight Watchers

The most prominent pro involving the Weight Watchers diet is that it is so easy that anybody could do it. You have the freedom to enjoy your favorite comfort foods without feeling an ounce of guilt or shame. Just don’t overindulge. There is no other diet on this planet that is this flexible.

weight watchers pros

You will not have to go to events and dinners and be a party pooper. Instead of telling people that you can’t eat pasta or can’t eat sweets, consider how much you are taking in. Portion control is the most crucial factor in this plan.

This diet is also an excellent choice for people that are vegan or pescatarian. Since these are both strict diets in themselves, they can easily be included.

Remember that you also have support when you need it the most. Everybody has down days where instead of following their diet, they want to eat whatever they want. Weight Watchers supplies a vast support system and 24-hour check-in online community as well as engaging meetings to help you meet your goals.

So if you have a cheat day, do not worry; go online and tell the chat about your experience and watch the messages pour in, motivating you to keep going and not give up.


The most significant con is that this weight loss plan may not be within everybody’s budget. There are four different programs ranging from $20 a month to $59.95 per month, which can be a little bit of a kick in the gut for some people considering that this price does not include any of the food.

weight watchers cons

Another con is that this program is not suitable for people who lack self-control. Even though the support methods are there to help people get to where they need to go in their journey, not everyone will utilize these resources. Some people need an extra push like one on one support or a personal dietitian and nutritionist.

And let’s face it, some people just cannot be trusted to make good decisions on their own. There is a lot of points tracking involved with your foods. This method could be highly time-consuming for people who are already busy with work, personal, and family needs. 

Weight Watchers FAQ

What foods are not allowed on the weight watchers die

When you use the weight watchers diet plan, no food will be off-limits for your you to enjoy. It would help if you kept a constant tracking of the points you are consuming. If you have a hankering for something sweet like a doughnut, you are actually allowed; however, it may not be the wisest choice because it’ll take a massive chunk out of the daily value of points you were able to have.

The average person can have 23 points, and it will not be a wise choice to use most of them on one sugary item. Weight Watchers recommends staying away from desserts, processed meats, chips, and sugary drinks. You can consume them, but understand that it will be much easier for you to go over the daily amount of points you can have.

How much weight can I lose on the weight watchers diet?

How much weight you lose on weight watchers depends entirely on the person. On average, someone can lose between half of a pound and 2 pounds per week. These are significant numbers because they show an excellent healthy, steady weight loss regimen that will be easy to keep up with.

Why is the weight watchers diet so healthy?

The weight watchers diet is so healthy because of the Smartpoints system. Though they tell you that you can eat anything, it is recommended to go for the smartest and best choices on the list. They also have a zero-point system where certain foods will not impact the number of recorded points you have for the day; many of these include fruits and vegetables.

How many calories should I eat on a weight watchers diet?

Weight watchers is point-based, not calorie-based, so there is no designated number of calories you need to consume per day. 

If you are looking for a change in your body and energy, then Weight Watchers might be the perfect fit for you. You can lose weight while still maintaining a flexible lifestyle. No more telling people that you can’t eat certain foods or forcing your household to suffer through a diet with you. You are in control of your destiny while having access to remote support whenever you need it. So if you are ready, make that change today, sign up for weight watchers.

Weight Watchers Fast Food SmartPoints

Weight Watchers Fast Food SmartPoints

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