What is the McDonalds Diet?

I saw a headline in Yahoo! the other day that talked about the McDonald’s Diet.  I thought the only thing diet at McDonald’s was soda, so naturally I had to dive in.  Today I’ll do a full examination of just what is the McDonald’s diet and try to comprehend why anyone would think that this is a good idea.

The McDonald’s Diet Examined

Apparently this all started with a U.K. television show started stirring the pot with a diet that was called the “McDonald’s diet.”

As the series airs, it highlights a dieter who attempts to stay on the diet for four weeks while in a direct weight loss competition with his friend who follows a superfoods diet.

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Following the McDonald’s diet plan for four weeks, the man lost eight kilos in a four week period.  For those of you not quick on converting kilos to pounds, that’s over 17 pounds of weight loss.  

After reading that, I just had to go deeper and see what exactly he consumed to achieve those results.

What Is The McDonald’s Diet?

You probably remember the 2004 documentary Super Size Me, that saw the lead actor gain 11 kilos in a month while consuming McDonald’s fast food, but this diet actually varied from the Super Size Me show where he ate Big Mac’s like they were going out of style.

This diet actually focuses on the salads at McDonald’s.

Wait – McDonald’s has salads?  

A certified personal trainer named Mark Austin designed this McDonald’s diet and even documented his experience with photos, adding a six pack to his impressive transformation.

How Does the McDonald’s Diet Work?

In short, the diet consists of fruit bags and chicken salads.  A plain chicken burger and even the famous chicken McNuggets are allowed, but only on occasion.

Items loaded in added sugars, like sauces and milkshakes, are off limits.  Oh, and the famous french fries?  Also off limits.

Daily exercise is a must on this diet, as is a protein shark first thing in the morning.  You’ll also be required to do strength training three times each week.

McDonald’s Diet Daily Food Intake

Again, your day will start with a protein shake, and this is the only thing you’ll consume that’s not purchased at McDonald’s.  You’ll also have a mid-morning snack of fruit.

For lunch, you’ll then enjoy a grilled chicken salad or a McChicken Sandwich without mayo.  For a mid-afternoon snack or dinner, you can have the grilled chicken salad again.

If you want the filet-o-fish, you won’t be able to have the tartar sauce.  Lastly, you are supposed to drink water in order to keep the calories reduced.

For one, I think this is a LOT of trips to McDonald’s! 

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Is It Safe?

While this won’t be a nutritious long-term diet, there is a lot to be said about Mark Austin’s diet plan.  For starters, he has proved a point that you can lose weight by making smarter food choices – even at fast food chains.  We have a choice with every piece of food we put into our body, and yes, even McDonald’s offers food that can help you stay in a calorie deficit.

Additionally, he combined this diet with an exercise routine that helped burn fat and keep the body burning calories like a furnace.  This diet was very successful because Austin dodged the stuff that most people choose to eat at the popular fast food chain – burgers, fries, sugary drinks, and sauces that are loaded with sugars.

While there are such limited options, you will be lacking certain nutrients.  It’s also a low fiber diet, and our bodies require fiber to digest food and protect our hearts.

At quick glance, the diet appears to be floating around 1,000 calories, which will definitely put people in a calorie deficit.

While this isn’t a realistic way to eat (who really wants to travel to McDonald’s that much?) it’s something that I could see people doing to prove a point.  Austin did this already, so it’s something anyone can emulate.

However, most people who have success on a diet end up having trouble keeping the weight off once the diet is over.

For me, I couldn’t eat the same food like that every day. I could maybe do McDonalds one meal a day at a maximum.  I’m all about variety, multiple nutrients, food groups, and definitely fiber.

Any readers do the McDonald’s diet?  Comment below and share your results!

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