What is the Eat Well Challenge?

The “eat well, be well” challenge is something that comes around every March, and today I took some time to understand just exactly what is the eat well challenge?  I’m doing my best to make healthy food choices all year in 2023, but even more so in March because I just got back from a ski trip in Montana with college friends and with temperatures getting to -20 degrees, comfort food was welcomed!

The Eat Well, Be Well Challenge Explained

This challenge offers nutrition tips as well as education on how you can create healthy eating habits.  While you learn how to make more healthy food choices, the challenge also provides a chance to test how well you understand the five food groups.

Additionally, when you complete a Nutrition Quiz, you are entered into a raffle and can earn prizes.  When you complete quizzes, you earn “Wellable Points,” and these help encourage user participation as the more you participate, the more your chances increase at winning one of the prizes.

The Eatwell Guide

The Eatwell guide is offered to explain just how people can consume a healthy diet.  The guide breaks down which food groups you should consume, as well as what portions you should aim to consume on a daily or weekly basis for a balanced diet.

eatwell guide

The Five Eatwell Groups

In the guide, you’ll find that participants will eat from these below groups:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Starchy carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, potatoes, and rice.
  • Proteins like fish, beans, and meat
  • Dairy and dairy alternatives
  • Spreads and oils

Eating from a wide variety of healthy foods helps your body obtain the needed nutrients to function optimally.  Try to get as many colors as possible to get the most nutrient value.  Orange would be carrots, green could be any vegetables, and so on.

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Why These Food Groups Work

These food groups work no matter your ethnicity, restrictions on diet, and body composition.  If you do have any special dietary needs, (I follow the IGA diet) ask a nutritionist or your primary health care provider.

Of course, this won’t be anything feasible for young children and personally, I think kids should be kids unless their health spirals out of control to the point that they need a specialized diet.  But that’s just me.

Using the Eatwell Guide

When you use the guide, you’ll get tips on how to plan your meals, how to prepare the food, guidance on shopping for the food, and even tips on how to eat out and stay on course.

For me, meal planning is something that I struggle with the most, but in this program, the majority of the meals come from various food groups, so there will be a balanced diet.

Personally, I’ve never done the eat well, be well challenge, (mostly because I’m a believer in the benefits of Intermittent Fasting) but I wish the best of luck to anyone who participates.  What kind of results are you getting?  I’d love to hear more in the comments.

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