What are Dumbbell Side Lunges?

Have you ever wondered what are dumbbell side lunges? These specific lunges are an exercise in which you perform a lunge with the weight in one hand and step to the side the weight is being held. This creates the feeling of having to push out against something when performing the movement.

what are dumbbell side lunges

What Muscle Groups Do Dumbbell Side Lunges Target?

Dumbbell side lunges are a great addition to a hard workout because they target multiple muscle groups, including the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and quadriceps muscles. Dumbbell side lunges also work to strengthen your hips and core because they put these muscles in motion while stabilizing them at the same time. It is important for anyone who performs this type of exercise to use proper form by keeping their spine neutral throughout the movement and pushing their weight through their front heel until it reaches full extension before returning to starting position after completing one repetition.

What Weight Should I Use For Dumbbell Side Lunges?

We are not gladiators working out with what we have. Fortunately, we have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing our weights in the gym. One should choose a weight that is light enough to perform a perfect rep, but heavy enough so that you will not be able to complete many reps. A good starting point for these types of exercises would be at least 40 pounds less than your normal squat weight. You should start with the load being held in one hand and only use the other hand for balance.

How To Perform a Dumbbell Side Lunges

To properly perform a dumbbell side lunge, you should begin by standing tall with your feet hip-width apart and the weights in your right hand. Next, step out to the right side of your body (about three feet) and place your right hand on a bench or step that is at least one foot high. Keep your spine neutral throughout the movement, and bend both knees to lower your torso towards the ground by pushing out with your front heel. Make sure to keep your gaze straight ahead during this motion. Return to starting position, making sure you push through the heel on the same leg that you stepped out on, and repeat for 8-12 reps before switching sides.

To conclude, dumbbell side lunges are a fantastic exercise that targets multiple muscle groups and strengthens many of the core muscles as well. One should use proper form to keep their spine neutral throughout the movement and push through with their front heel until it is fully extended before returning to starting position after completing one repetition. Because the weight is only being held in one hand, the weight should be light enough so that you are able to complete 8-12 reps. For more information on dumbbell side lunges, please contact your personal trainer or fitness science instructor.

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