Texas Roadhouse Keto | What Can I Eat At Texas Roadhouse on Keto?

A delicately prepared steak is the best. Just the smell of it will get your mouth watering. The texture, tender juiciness, and umami are all important. It is what makes broth different from plain saltwater. It’s a very primitive experience, but very delightful.

Texas is known for its steakhouses, but Texas Roadhouse was not founded there. The first restaurant was opened in Indiana in 1993. There are over 50 restaurants meaning you can find locations in all 50 states, except Hawaii.

There are also many more international locations, including the Middle East and Europe — which are still loved by Texians and people around the globe.

Texas Roadhouse, a steakhouse, makes it easy for keto-eaters. It is known for generous portions and prices that are affordable. There are plenty of keto-friendly options on the menu, even if you don’t want to eat a whole slab of beef.

Nutritional information for Texas Roadhouse can be found online. But, we have listed the best choices in this article.

Low-Carb Appetizers

Have you ever had a keto-friendly appetizer for free? Texas Roadhouse offers all-you-can-eat peanuts (4 net carbs/oz.) As soon as you enter the restaurant, it’s open! You can also throw the shells onto the floor if you wish. There are still many options for appetizers. Modified items may not have exact carb counts.

  • Grilled Shrimp The garlic-lemon pepper butter dip is a guilt-free alternative to toast.
  • House Salad (7 Net Carbs) – Croutons are also included. Ask for them to be removed and you can reduce your carbs to almost zero.
  • Caesar salad (9 Net carbohydrates) – Croutons are counted as well. You can omit them if you don’t want to consume them. (39g fat, 8g protein)
  • Chili, cup (12 Net Carbs) – This isn’t a typical choice, but it won’t make your keto diet go downhill. (16g fat, 21g protein)

Ketogenic Steaks

The meat at Texas Roadhouse is of the highest quality. Because each restaurant has its own nutritional values for meat, it’s best to only eat it on rare occasions.

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