Supergut Review – Keto Friendly Weight Loss Products

Supergut, formerly known as Muniq, is a brand of nutritional products or “meal replacements” promising to deliver measurable health results.

I discovered Supergut products when looking for supplements to promote gut health as I was going through a detox and weight loss process.

At first, I had some doubts. I spent a few hours wondering if a “perfect” meal replacement could even exist. However, after reading a bit more about this brand and trying what it offers, I was impressed. While I don’t think they’re perfect, Supergut products have many benefits and can really help our bodies.

Do you want to know more about its shakes, bars, and other meal replacement alternatives? This comprehensive Supergut review has all the information you need. Read on!

Official Website:

Here’s the box my order came in.  I found this company HIGHLY professional.  You have to watch out for a lot of the lesser known brands as many are fly by night, private label operations. Not here!

supergut packaging

Knowing Each Supergut Product and Its Pros

Before delving into the brand and what it promises, it’s essential to know its products. Supergut offers meal replacement shakes, bars, and fiber mixes.

All Supergut products are made with all-natural ingredients and provide different nutritional benefits. Let’s learn more about each one.

Supergut Meal Replacement Shake

the gut balancing mocha latte shake

One of the main products that Supergut offers is a meal replacement shake. I’ve tried the chocolate one, and I think it’s delicious, especially when I mix it with milk and ice.

Supergut shakes promise to provide the body with all the nutrients of a complete meal. Each has 0 sugar but 30g of fiber, 15g of protein, 6g of net carbs, and 26 vitamins and minerals.

And if you have followed for a while you know that sugar is the devil.  See our post about cutting out sugar for two weeks.

The Gut Balancing Mocha Latte Shake:  —> Lowest Price.

These are other of this product’s pros:

  • Is keto-friendly
  • Doesn’t have soy
  • Doesn’t have artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
  • Is made with natural and meticulously sourced ingredients only
  • Can help us feel full for longer thanks to its high fiber content
  • Is available in different flavors
  • Contains a clinically proven resistant starch fiber blend

The Gut Balancing Shake: Flavors and Varieties

One of the things I love the most about Supergut meal replacement shakes is that they come in many different flavors, including the following:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Mocha latte

This meal replacement shake is also available in two vegan versions (chocolate and vanilla) made with a vegan protein blend for those looking for products free of meat-based or dairy ingredients.

In addition, Supergut offers a package that includes two or three flavors, which can be a great help if we want meal replacements for the whole week or month. It’s also my favorite option when I prioritize variety!

Supergut Shakes: Are They Really Good?

According to the information I found on Supergut’s website, these shakes have a type of fiber that has been clinically and scientifically tested and has shown that it can balance the gut microbiome while rebooting our metabolism. However, we all wonder if these claims are true.

I really believe they are! Since I started taking these shakes, I’ve been feeling more satisfied during the day. However, I think they’re so low in calories. While this helps me lose weight, sometimes, I need more energy.

Another thing I like about Supergut shakes is that both the traditional and vegan versions are high in protein. Therefore, I can drink one at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just as a snack and meet my nutritional requirements.

Also, I’m not the only one who likes them. Before buying them, I read several Supergut shakes reviews, and a lot of people love these amazing products!

Supergut Bars

the gut balancing chocolate brownie bar

This brand also offers bars. They’re perfect on-the-go snacks for those who usually crave something delicious after every meal. Each contains 10g of prebiotic fiber, 10g of high-quality protein, 5g of healthy fats, and 7g of net carbs. Also, they’re sugar-free.

Since they have gut-balancing prebiotic fiber with resistant starch and high-quality protein, Supergut bars are ideal if we want to buy products that help us stay full for longer.

These are other of their Pros:

  • Keep blood sugar levels steady and stable during the day
  • Are perfect for keto diets or eating on the go
  • Don’t contain artificial flavors or ingredients
  • Don’t contain artificial sweeteners or colors
  • Don’t contain soy
  • Have a clinically proven resistant starch fiber blend
  • Are ideal complements for shakes
  • Come in different flavors, including chocolate brownie, peanut butter chocolate, and strawberry almond.

The Gut Balancing Bars: Are They Really Good?

I wasn’t a fan of protein and fiber bars until I tried these! I love that I can take them with me wherever I go, whether I’m at the gym, at the office, or just driving my car.

Also, these bars are very versatile. Another question you likely have in mind is: “When should I take Supergut shakes if I eat the bars?” That’s the first thing I thought when I tried them because I had already ordered both products!

Fortunately, the brand’s website had all the information I needed. Those new to Supergut should only eat one bar and one shake a day as a snack.

However, I was able to increase the number of Supergut bars I ate per day progressively in just a week as my body got used to its powerful resistant starch.

I’ll be honest. I experienced slight digestive discomfort during the first few days, but I think it was just my body getting used to these bars. Now, I eat at least two or three pieces a day!

Supergut Fiber Mix

Another of this brand’s most popular products is its fiber mix, which I can add to my coffee, soups, oatmeal, sauces, and more! Each serving contains 8g of fiber, 15 calories, and 1g of net carbs.

This fiber mix has a positive effect on post-meal blood sugar levels and is made from meticulously sourced ingredients.

These are some of the benefits it offers:

  • Doesn’t contain soy
  • Has 0 sugar
  • Doesn’t have artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors
  • Is keto-friendly
  • Goes well with all kinds of drinks and recipes
  • Is available in convenient single-serving stick packs

Is The Gut Balancing Fiber Mix Really Good?

Well, I think it’s the best of all Supergut products! I didn’t believe there was such an easy way to add more fiber to my diet, but I changed my mind the first time I tried this mix.

Supergut recommends customers start adding the fiber mix to beverages, such as coffee and tea, within the first week. However, after that period, it’s perfect for any recipe. I’ve been using it to prepare different dishes!

I’ve made many high-fiber desserts with this product, including ice cream and cakes. It’s really convenient and also works as a flour replacement in different baking recipes.

Actually, if you want to feel more satisfied after eating your favorite vegetables, you can even add this fiber mix to your salad dressing! It’s just amazing.

Ingredients in Supergut Products

supergut product review

If we want to know if Supergut products are good for us, we should also check their ingredients. Let’s do that here!

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Prebiotic Fiber

These ingredients can help us feel more satisfied and give Supergut products their carbohydrate content. They include the following:

  • Oat beta-glucan
  • Resistant potato starch
  • Soluble vegetable fiber
  • Unripened green banana flour

Protein Ingredients

As I mentioned, one of the things I love the most about Supergut products is that they are high in protein.

To meet this goal, the brand used the following ingredients:

  • Milk protein concentrate
  • Pea protein concentrate
  • Pumpkin seed protein
  • Brown rice protein

26 Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Supergut products, especially its shakes, are also loaded with vitamins and minerals, including these:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Calcium
  • Chromium
  • Selenium
  • Molybdenum
  • Thiamin

Creamers and Healthy Fats

To add healthy essential fat and creaminess to its products, Supergut also used high-oleic sunflower oil, guar gum, and xanthan gum.

Flavors and Sweeteners

Finally, Supergut products have been flavored with allulose, a natural sweetener and gut-healthy sugar alternative with zero calories.

They also have Reb M, a natural and non-GMO sweetener. However, the brand used only a small amount of this ingredient to prevent the shakes and bars from tasting bitter.

Benefits of Supergut Products

As I mentioned, I don’t think Supergut products are perfect. However, I’ve tried them all, and I’m sure they provide some benefits. These are the main ones:

They’re Highly Satiating

Since Supergut products are high in fiber and protein, they’re satiating and make us feel full for longer.

Thanks to that, we can reduce snacking and maintain a low-calorie diet, which is essential to losing weight.

They Improve Blood Sugar Control

One of the most impressive benefits of Supergut products is that they can improve blood sugar control.

Their high fiber and protein content helps the body have better blood sugar management. Therefore, these products are great options for diabetics or anyone who experiences blood sugar spikes after eating.

I believe that those who need better blood sugar control can get great results with Supergut products!

They Improve Gut Health

Since this brand’s products contain resistant raw potato starch and different high-fiber ingredients, they favor gut health. Moreover, Supergut shakes, bars, and fiber mix can support beneficial gut bacteria.

When it comes to keeping your body in top condition, gut health can be just as important as having good blood sugar levels. Additionally, it has been linked to weight loss, improved immune system, and positive mood.

They Address Nutritional Deficiencies

Supergut products have many vitamins and minerals. Therefore, they’re perfect for people hoping to avoid nutritional deficiencies while following low-calorie diets.

Actually, that’s one of the things most people like about this brand. I read many Supergut prebiotic reviews, and customers really love these products’ nutritional benefits!

They Promote Weight Loss

Since I started taking Supergut shakes as meal replacements, I’ve lost a few pounds and now feel better about myself. It’s one of the best benefits of these products.

They are high in fiber, can keep blood sugar in check, and promote gut health. Therefore, these meal alternatives can help us lose weight. Moreover, Supergut shakes are only 180 calories. It’s less than 50% of the calories that other meal replacements usually have.

Find out for yourself —> Official Website

Final Thoughts: Does Supergut Work?

As you can see, this brand’s products are excellent for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. I think they work because they promote a healthy gut by feeding beneficial bacteria, provide dietary fiber and all the vitamins we need, and can even alleviate gastrointestinal distress.

However, despite all of those health benefits, I believe that Supergut products are so low in calories. Therefore, I think they’re good as long as we follow a healthy diet with other foods.



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