Intermittent Fasting For Athletes

intermittent fasting for athletes

Intermittent fasting for athletes. Is it a no-go? Or is it a useful tool to add to the athlete’s nutritional arsenal? Intermittent fasting is becoming a more popular way of eating. Many people, including doctors and internet experts, have embraced intermittent fasting. It allows you to reduce the amount of food you eat, or your … Read more

How To Eat Keto At Chic fil A

Do you love Chick-fil-A but feel like your diet is too restrictive? Want to learn how to eat keto at Chic Fil a? Ever think about how to make the best of it and enjoy your favorite chicken sandwich without feeling guilty for a few bites? We have a solution for you! Follow these steps … Read more

How To Restart Keto After Cheating

If you’ve been a bad boy/girl you may be asking how to restart keto after cheating. We all know that keto can be a difficult diet to stick with. The first few weeks are the toughest, and if you don’t have the determination to get through those tough times, then it’s going to be hard … Read more

What Seasonings Can I Use On Keto

Have you ever wondered what seasonings can I use on keto? You may have heard the term “keto” thrown around lately and wondered what it was. Keto is a type of diet with strict guidelines for foods you can eat, foods you cannot eat, and specific carb limits that vary depending on your goals with … Read more

What Fish To Eat on Keto

what fish to eat on keto

If you’ve ever wondered what fish to eat on keto, you’re not alone. The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low carbohydrate way of eating which forces the body to burn fat for fuel. Unlike most diets, it doesn’t restrict calories or protein. However, not all foods are created equal when on the keto diet. Fish … Read more

Weight Watchers Diet (WW) | What is it and Does it Work?

WW (Weight Watchers) Diet

The Weight Watchers Diet Program (or WW Diet) is one of the most popular diet regimens out there. And for good reason. There are a ton of benefits that this program brings. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the end-all-be-all solution for weight loss. Read on to see if the Weight Watchers diet is … Read more

What Are Plant-Based Diets?

Plant-based Diet

So, you are thinking about trying a plant-based diet? Maybe you have heard about the health benefits, you care about the environment, or perhaps you just want to eat less meat? Regardless of your reasons, you are not alone. In the United States, plant-based diets are becoming more popular. According to a 2017 report, 6% … Read more

What is the Paleo Diet?

paleo diet

The Paleo Diet is more of a pattern of eating than a set diet. The goal of Paleo is to mimic the conditions we presume early humans had for food sources. Specifically, our ancestors from the Paleolithic era, which was roughly 2.5 million years to 10,000 years ago. This is thought to be a hunter … Read more