No Sugar for One Week Results

Sugar is the absolute devil!  If you have followed our blog for a while, you have seen the rants we’ve gone on about sugar.  Until recently, I didn’t know how bad it really was and what affects cutting out sugar can have on your mental state as well as overall health.  It’s been one full week without sugar, so I’m half way to finishing two weeks without sugar.  (Results will be posted there.)

It’s time for a check in, and to share what I’ve experienced without sugar in my diet for a full week.

How Does it Feel to Cut out Sugar for One Week?

Overall, it feels fantastic.  I weighed myself this morning and I was down over five pounds from the previous weigh in.  Mind you, my prior weigh in came in after 9 days of travel, unhealthy habits, and other than walking, no physical activity.  We definitely have to account for inflammation, but even 1-2 pounds of actual weight loss from sugar withdrawal is something I can live with.

The most difficult point of not having sugar is when I’m around alcohol.  As I stated before, mixed drinks and the occasional dessert are where my sugar comes from.  I have no problem taking advantage of the happy hour Rum and Coke at my local watering hole, but this week I opted for a dirty martini and avoided the sugar.

malbec wine

The second most difficult part was when we went to an Argentinian steakhouse and I simply wanted one libation with my meal.  However, I forgot it was a beer and wine bar, so none of that was going to happen.  It was very hard seeing people enjoy bottles of wine with their steak, and seeing the incredible Malbec menu that Argentina is known for, and have to pass.  However, I’m not mad about abstaining from drinking, as that’s a huge no-no if you are trying to lose weight like I am.

Side Effects

I read on some other blogs that when you cut out sugar you can be irritable, lack focus, and be scattered.  These are all side effects of sugar cravings.   I’ve seen all of those minus being scattered.  I’ve definitely had a side of irritability that’s kept my fuse super short, and while that’s not something I like to have, I’m dealing with it.  Eventually hopefully it’ll go away.

One more week of no sugar, and I’ll be able to say I went two full weeks.  Again, aside from mixed drinks – this has been a cinch. I read labels like never before and really watch what I’m putting into my body.

One week without sugar is an absolute breeze.  I’ll also add that I got lucky without having any friends with birthday parties or other get togethers.  A lot of our local friends in South Florida are South American, and they bring the best desserts!


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