Is Sushi Keto?

is sushi keto

So is sushi keto? You’ve just started the keto diet. Now you want to stick with it. How do you navigate Japanese restaurants without violating your no-carb rules?

Sushi is one of the most loved foods in the world. It is a healthy alternative to many other prepared foods. It’s a good source of protein, and it is also rich in nutrients and minerals.

Is sushi keto-friendly

Traditional sushi is not keto-friendly as they are mostly made with rice. rice on keto has too many carbs and starch. While seafood and fish have high nutritional value and are good sources of omega 3, rice can be problematic. There are many keto sushi options that do not contain rice.

How to order sushi on keto

It may seem hard to find low-carb sushi options due to the high carbohydrate content of rice. These are some tips to remember:

  • Do not eat all rice. This includes white and brown rice. Sometimes you can order regular sushi rolls, and ask the restaurant to remove the rice. Some restaurants also offer rice-free rolls, such as the naruto maki (a type of cucumber roll). If rice is not omitted, other rolls like the Philadelphia roll are keto.
  • Do not eat tempura breaded food. These foods will be deep-fried and have added carbs. It is possible to find tempura in sushi rolls, such as a shrimp tempura Roll. This tempura can be used to fry vegetables and as a garnish for sushi.
  • Be aware of soy. While you may be sensitive to soy, or want to avoid it altogether on keto, remember that many sushi restaurants serve soy-based foods, even though they are naturally low in carbs (edamame and miso soup, tofu, sauce ).
  • Make sure you check the ingredients and carbs before you go. I also do this for fast foods on keto. Before you order, make sure you look at the ingredients and macros.
  • Avoid added sugar and starch Some menu items can appear healthy (such as a seaweed salad, imitation crab, or pickled ginger), however, they may contain added sugar or starches. To avoid added carbs, look for plain fish and vegetables.

What foods should you avoid?

You have many options that can help you adhere to your dietary habits, but there are some options that you should avoid if you are trying to stay in ketosis.

These two popular sushi rolls, Ngiri and Nori rolls, are very carb-dense and should be avoided if you’re on a ketogenic diet.

Nori is a traditional Japanese sushi roll that has an outer seaweed wrap, a rice filling, and then a variety of fillings. Tempura nori rolls are not for most keto-eaters because they are not only packed with rice but are also deep-fried in a carb-dense batter.

Take note that you should not eat any tempura items. They are all carb-dense (due to the batter) as well as served with sticky, sugary sauces.

Ngiri is a thinly sliced cut of fish or meat that’s served over rice. They are delicious but not keto-friendly. They have more carbs than Nori rolls (which can contain up to 10g per roll).

Although it is not a traditional Japanese dish, some sushi restaurants stock and serve certain types of ramen. Ramen usually comes with large portions of noodles, so it is best to skip this.

You may also find fake crab meat, which is crab meat that has been topped with other fish cuts. Although this sounds great for keto, the “crab meat”, which is often cured with sugar and thickeners such as wheat, can be a problem. This is not keto-friendly.


Many sushi recipes contain rice, which is too high a carbohydrate to be keto-friendly. You can still enjoy keto-friendly sushi at restaurants and at home.

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