Is Sour Cream Keto?

So is sour cream keto?

Sour cream is keto as long as you are choosing the right kind of sour cream. Contrary to what you may think if you want to add sour cream to a ketogenic diet you will want to make sure you only use the full-fat type of sour cream. You need to avoid the non-fat or low-fat types of sour cream.

is sour cream keto? YES!

Sour Cream Nutrition Facts

Sour cream is a dairy product that is made from the souring of cream. Sour cream is comprised mainly of fat (due to its high percentage of total calories) and has a similar consistency to yogurt. Sour cream gets its characteristic tangy flavor from the lactic acid in cultured milk used to produce it.

The nutrition information for Sour Cream includes 320 calories, 37 grams of carbs, 5 grams of sugar, 35 grams of fat, 9 grams of saturated fat and 150 milligrams of cholesterol. Sour cream is also a good source of vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus.

Keto Sour Cream Dip Recipe

The Best Keto Sour Cream Dip Recipe is going to have raw almond butter, sour cream, some chili powder, ancho chili powder and cayenne pepper.

To make the dip you are going to need:

1/2 cup of raw almond butter or the creamy type that melts in your mouth

1/2 cup of sour cream. You will want to use full-fat sour cream for this recipe.

A pinch of salt. You can also add a small amount of ground black pepper if you want.

A few dashes of Ancho Chili Powder

A few dashes of Cayenne Pepper

If desired, some bacon pieces can be added for a smoky flavor. Add about 1/4 cup bacon pieces

To make the dip combine all of the ingredients in a bowl. Mix everything together with a spoon or spatula until the mixture is creamy and smooth. If you are adding bacon bits to your sour cream dip, mix those first so they get distributed evenly through the rest of the mixture.

keto sour cream dip

There are many people who follow the keto diet, which is all about eating high-fat foods. This includes sour cream (even though it’s not a low-calorie food). The average serving of sour cream contains 103 calories with 11 grams of fat and 1 gram of carbohydrates. Sour cream does contain saturated fats but they can be considered healthy because they raise good cholesterol levels in your blood when eaten as part of a balanced meal plan. It also has vitamin A, D, E & K2 so that makes up for any deficiencies caused by cutting out other dairy products like milk.

If you are eating sour cream on the keto diet, make sure you read any nutrition labels to be sure that it fits in with your daily allowance. You will also need to consider how much of this food you are eating as one serving size may not have too many calories but if you eat several servings a day, these can quickly add up.

You should also remember that while sour cream is fine for the keto diet, it may not be advisable to eat too much of it because this can cause some negative side effects such as increased cholesterol and even digestive issues.

Check if your favorite foods are keto-friendly on our Is It Keto page!

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