Intermittent Fasting Diet Soda

When you fast, there is one rule: Avoid any food or drink that contains calories. Intermittent Fasting is a way to avoid eating, drinking, and consuming carbohydrates, protein, and fats for a set period.

This allows the body to stop creating insulin and instead use ketones from the fat as energy. Some scientists believe this process, called Ketogenesis in a 2019 article in New England Journal of Medicine may reduce chronic inflammation, slow down aging, and improve sugar control.

Diet soda is usually safe to consume while fasting because it doesn’t contain calories. However, the community is still debating whether artificial sweeteners have an impact on hunger and insulin.

Is it possible to drink diet soda during intermittent fasting?

A certified clinical nutritionist says that most diet sodas with zero calories won’t break a fast. However, diet sodas can be harmful to your efforts to lose weight. They increase sugar cravings as well as hunger in a day.

She also said that even though diet drinks are usually low in calories, most humans will secrete insulin — a hormone responsible for regulating fat storage. A scientific study suggests a connection between insulin resistance and artificial sweetness.

According to a 2016 study, it suggests that people may experience increased sugar cravings and hunger at the end of a day.

She points out that not everyone produces insulin from drinking or eating artificial sweeteners. Just as not all people who drink diet soda get hangry after having a drink.

A registered dietician said that there are some indications that artificial sweeteners like sucralose or aspartame, which is often found in diet sodas, may lead to increased levels of insulin response due to a chemical change in the brain similar to when sugar is consumed.

Drinking diet soda can have both health benefits and potential risks

In the diet of Americans, it is reported by CDC that the top source of added sugars are sweetened beverages like soda, juice, and sports drinks.

These can cause a host of health problems — such as tooth decay, heart disease, weight gain, type two diabetes, among others.

It can be a bit tricky when you add artificial sweetness to calorie-free beverages. When you consider the safe upper limit, they are only consumed in very small quantities.

Aspartame, also known as Equal, is a common sweetener in diet sodas. The U.S. FDA has established that 50 mg per kilogram of body weight is the daily recommended intake.

The FDA states that a person of 150 pounds can safely consume up to 3,400 mg of caffeine per day. According to studies at Colorado State University, this amounts to approximately 17 12-ounce cans daily of diet soda. It is unlikely that you will drink as much.

But although reasonable quantities of artificial sweeteners are considered safe by the FDA, the AHA suggests that we all lessen low-calorie sodas and stick to water. The CSPI says it’s best to avoid artificial sweeteners — intermittent fasting or not.

According to a review published in 2019, studies on non-sugar sweeteners have been relatively short-term and small-scale.

This review, which included 56 studies, found no connection between body weight and artificial sweetener intake. A 2019 study, with over 100,000 people, suggests that there could be potential health effects later in life.

Researchers looked at those who consumed sugar-sweetened drinks and beverages that has artificial sweeteners. Those who consumed six or more artificially sweetened drinks per day were 20% more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who consumed zero artificially sweetened beverages.

Although it is not possible to confirm that these drinks cause health problems, scientists can only suggest that there’s a link and that other factors may be involved.

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