How to sneak healthy food into a child’s diet?

Parents often feel defeated when trying to get their children to eat vegetables. These tricks will help you get more vegetables onto the child’s plates.

Enjoy your food!

If you think vegetables are intriguing, you can hide them in plain sight. Make sure your kids can see and visualize vegetables, and take this chance to urge them to consume more of them, if possible.

Any manner you choose, children will play around with food in any way you want. If vegetables are served in a fun way, children will eat more of them. Give the food a name or let your kids make art with it. When children pretend their food is “trees,” broccoli can be more enjoyable. Carrots might be referred to as “Xray Vision Carrots” since they have a cool look to them.

Disguise vegetables in muffins or pancakes

By being innovative with their muffin or pancake mix, you can use this terrific approach to convince youngsters to eat more vegetables. By incorporating vegetables into your baked goods, you may make them more pliable.

Baked dishes using mashed carrot, sweet potato, and avocado can be moistened. You’ll have less oil as a result of this. This is a terrific way to get those who aren’t finicky diners to consume your favorite muffins or pancakes. In muffins and pancakes, you could also use your food processor to hide other vegetables like shredded zucchini or spinach.

Onboarding the picky eaters with meatballs

Vegetables for youngsters can easily be disguised in meatballs. Using a food processor, finely cut some veggies of your choice, cook some carrots, and then combine them with your beloved meatball recipe.

You may also feed your children meatballs cooked with whole-wheat breadcrumbs and hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass-fed pig and beef. They’re topped with a delicious sweet and sour sauce that’s perfect for kids. While still eating a nutritious, balanced meal, you can rest assured that your youngsters will get their vegetables.

Encourage your children to try vegetables with sauces

This is a wonderful approach to give your kids some extra nourishment while also addressing the challenge of getting them to consume vegetables. Try adding cauliflower to your alfredo sauce or incorporating vegetables into your spaghetti sauce. In the disguise of a hearty bolognese, this recipe offers a healthy mix of carrots, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes that your child will enjoy.

Veggie Smoothies

The most well-known approach to entice finicky children to eat vegetables is to make smoothies. When vegetables are mixed with fruit and/or yogurt, they are virtually unnoticeable.

To prevent overdosing on vegetables and compromising flavor, start with a fruit-to-vegetable ratio of 3:1. To make your smoothies extra velvety while still delivering healthy fat, consider adding some little avocado to them.

Another fun approach to disguise vegetables for youngsters is to serve the smoothie in a bowl with fruit as well as other fiber-rich foods including nuts, seeds, or granola.

Considering the texture

Finding out why picky eaters don’t like food is often the first step in getting them to eat. For both children and adults, the texture of food has a significant impact on how much they enjoy it. Keep this in mind when you’re trying to convince toddlers to eat vegetables.

It can take some time for toddlers and children to get used to new textures when they are eating unfamiliar foods. You can include veggies in casseroles, eggs, and chili to make it easier for little ones. 

Fun snack time

A snack break is indeed a constant for children. Allowing your children to help you make a fresh snack could be enough to convince them to eat vegetables! Make some crispy “chips” out of kale, carrots, or sweet potatoes that have been thinly sliced. Allow them to assist you in making guacamole or a veggie dip.


Leading by example is the best way even for the most devious parent to convince their children to eat vegetables. Children are kind of like shadows who are continuously learning from their parents and teachers. This covers mealtimes as well! If they witness you enjoying a variety of vegetables, it’s likely that they’ll want to try them as well.

Finally, if you’re having trouble getting your child to eat vegetables, don’t give up. At mealtimes, try not to pressure or make a big deal concerning veggies, and just keep giving them more. It’s critical for children to understand that veggies are just another type of food.

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