How to Avoid Sugar Cravings

I’m on week three of a major lifestyle change to eliminate sugar from my diet.  I’ve been blogging along the way and have been transparent with my results.  It’s unreal how much of an impact sugar has on the human body.  Today I’m here to teach you all about how to avoid sugar cravings.

These are three quick methods I incorporated into my own journey to quit sugar for two weeks, and I’m confident you can incorporate them into your own plan to eliminate sugar.

3 Steps to Stopping Sugar Cravings

sugar cravings

Most people are accustomed to craving sugar, they just don’t know it until they try to lay off of it for a while.  This makes it extremely difficult to keep up with a healthy diet.  A craving is akin to a dog treat in the fact that it’s like a reward and not really a need.  When you keep these rewards in moderation, there’s nothing wrong with it.  However, when sugar becomes a staple in your diet, you’ll find yourself much more prone to over-eating one you dive into any food that contains sugar.  The cravings will become exponentially more difficult to handle, and this is when you need to study my 3 step plan.

#1:  When Hunger Strikes, Eat a Nutritional Meal That Fills You Up

Natural hunger is different than a craving.  If you naturally feel hungry, fill yourself up on something healthy.  It can be a snack, like an apple, carrots and hummus, or anything else that fits the bill of a whole food.  Consume protein in the form of eggs, fish, or even something high in fiber, like farro.  While you won’t find your brain offering you the same satisfying reward feeling, you’ll be making the best food choice if you are looking to avoid sugar cravings and essentially, lose weight.  Rinse, repeat, and follow this like a playbook.  The results do compound.

#2:  Hot Showers

Believe it or not, a hot shower can help you feel better and stave off a sugar craving.  You must use hot water, and let it pour over your back and shoulders for 5-10 minutes.  Once you are out of the shower, it’ll feel like you’ve been in a different climate, which can help change your desire to crave sugar.  If you have access to a sauna, that’s even better.  Make sure to to hydrate.

#3:  Exercise

Go for a walk, job, or bicycle ride. I find that doing this releases endorphins that take my mind off the craving.  If you really want to up your game, add in some jump rope, burpees, or kettlebell swings.

Bonus Tips to Reduce Sugar Cravings:

While those were my three biggest revelations during my time avoiding sugars, there are other ways you can cut down on the cravings by gradually incorporating lifestyle changes into your daily regimen.

As my old friend in Dermatology used to say:  an inch of prevention is better than a mile of correction.

Here’s my bonus tip section for reducing sugar cravings:

  • Eliminate junk food from your pantry – they are rich in added sugars
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat fruit
  • Consume ungodly amounts of water
  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Eat a diet rich in protein
  • Live a stress free life
  • Take deep breaths
  • Don’t starve yourself

As a tip, try to quit sugar for one week, and and one week only.  You’ll see dramatic changes in your body and the way you feel.

Bottom Line

It’s okay to have a piece of cake at a birthday party, but when dessert becomes a daily occurance, that can lead to sugar cravings.  Try these steps above and you’ll find yourself not only ditching those sugar cravings for good, but you’ll also see your pants fit a lot better.  I’ve personally lost over 10 pounds by cutting out sugar.


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