Fenugreek Benefits for Men

If you are a man who has been looking at testosterone supplements, chances are you have heard about an ingredient called Fenugreek.  Today I’ll talk about the Fenugreek benefits for men and share more about this magical herb.

What is Fenugreek?

Fenugreek is an herb that comes from a plant that typically grows up to three feet tall. Sprouting green leaves and small white flowers, these plants kick off pods that contain seeds that are golden brown.  The seeds in this plant date way back to Chinese medicine, which has used them for thousands of years to treat diseases as well as skin conditions.

You can find Fenugreek in household products like soap and shampoo, as it also possesses qualities of a thickening agent.  The seeds and powder from Fenugreek are also found in Indian cuisine, as they offer a nutritional value in addition to a sweet, nutty taste.

Fenugreek Nutrition Facts

fenugreek nutition facts

Fenugreek Effects on Men’s Testosterone Levels

As I alluded to earlier, you’ll see many products claiming to boost testosterone that will feature Fenugreek.  

This is because there are various studies that found that some of the benefits of Fenugreek include a boost in testosterone.  One study that featured men using this combined with resistance training for 8 weeks saw “significant” increases in testosterone levels in addition to losing body fat when compared to another group in a controlled study.

(For me, the only fat loss supplement that has worked so far has been Prime Shred.)

In a different study that went on for six weeks, 30 men engaged in taking a supplement featuring 600 mg of the Fenugreek extract in addition to zinc, vitamin B6, and magnesium.  Mind you, these are all ingredients you’ll find in the top selling testosterone boosting pills, so they have science behind them already without adding in the Fenugreek herb.  This test was done to evaluate the variance in sexual function and libido.

When the study concluded, the results revealed that the majority of the men participating had gained strength in addition to a better sex drive.


Where to Buy Fenugreek

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Other Health Benefits

As if getting a little stronger and feeling more confident in the bedroom wasn’t enough, there are even more benefits to taking Fenugreek.

#1:  This product could control diabetes and blood sugar levels. 

Two separate studies were done, and here are summaries of each:

In one study, people who had type 2 diabetes were able to see a reduction in belly fat, BMI, and fasting blood sugar levels when taking 5 g of fenugreek seed powder.

In another study, 10% of the refined wheat flour used in buns and flatbreads was replaced with fenugreek powder and by making this swap, blood sugar levels were reduced after eating.

#2:  Appetite Suppressant

A study showed that total fat intake dropped 17% when taking Fenugreek.

#3:  Lower cholesterol levels in some studies 

#4:  Heartburn symptoms have been reduced 

#5:  Possible Inflammation Treatment

Studies in mice have shown reduction in inflammation.  More studies need to be done on actual humans, however.


In conclusion, it’s fair to say that Fenugreek is something that offers many health benefits for men.  This is the exact reason you’ll see it prevalent in many of the top selling testosterone supplements today.

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