Best Foods to Cure a Hangover

Hangover food is a term most of us know all too well. We’ve all been there – a night of celebrating a special event, or just a night of fun with friends, only to wake up the next morning feeling the effects of consuming alcohol. But there is hope; Hangover foods can help you conquer the dreaded hangover from heavy drinking.

Hangover foods are those that are high in carbohydrates and electrolytes, like bananas, apples, honey, and toast. They are designed to give your body a quick boost of energy, as well as to replenish lost electrolytes. Additionally, some hangover foods can help reduce inflammation and help your body to flush out toxins.

As someone who has gone through more hangovers than I want to admit, I have found that a few specific items are key in helping me feel better with that awful hangover. Here is my list of the best foods to cure a hangover.

Vitamin-Rich Fruits for Your Hangover Foods, Such as Oranges and Bananas

I think we can all agree that hangovers are the worst. From the pounding headache to nausea and a general feeling of exhaustion, it’s no wonder why so many of us dread them. But, believe it or not, there are some foods that can help you get over a hangover quickly and efficiently. Namely, vitamin-rich fruits like oranges and bananas.

The vitamin C and b vitamins found in oranges can help to reduce the severity of a hangover, while the minerals in bananas can help to restore electrolytes lost due to alcohol consumption. Plus, fresh fruit like oranges and bananas are both easy to eat and generally quite tasty, so you won’t have to worry about forcing down something unappetizing for your sensitive stomach.

Complex Carbohydrates, Such as Granola and Oatmeal

When it comes to curing a hangover, complex carbohydrates, like granola and oatmeal, are the best foods to reach for. My personal go-to for a hangover is a bowl of oats cooked with some honey and maybe some extra nuts or seeds on top.

Oatmeal is filled with complex carbs, which help to boost your body’s energy levels. The complex carbs also help to keep your blood sugar levels balanced and steady, which helps to prevent further hangover symptoms, including headaches and nausea.

Granola is also great because it is packed with fiber, which helps to absorb toxins in the body, and it also provides a slow release of energy to help you get through the day.

Eating oatmeal or granola the morning after a night of partying and consuming too much alcohol is the best hangover food that can help replenish the body with the nutrients it needs to recover. It also helps to absorb some of the toxins from the alcohol.

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Lean Proteins, Such as Eggs, Salmon, and Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

I know all too well how miserable a hangover can make you feel the day after a night out. Luckily, there is some classic hangover remedy that can help you get back on your feet faster. Lean proteins, such as eggs, salmon, and chicken noodle soup, are all great for curing a hangover.

Eggs with whole wheat toast is a hangover cure that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins that help replenish what your body lost due to alcohol consumption. Salmon is also a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation.

And who doesn’t love a good bowl of chicken breast noodle soup? This delicious comfort food is packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins that can help boost your energy and get you feeling better.

Alkalizing Vegetables To Regulate your Blood Sugar, Such as Spinach and Kale

One of the best ways to hangover cures is to regulate your blood sugar levels by eating alkalizing vegetables or leafy greens.  These are also among the best foods for detoxing your body.

I personally turn to spinach and kale because they are nutrient-rich and packed with vitamins and minerals that can help your body heal and recover. Eating these greens can help your body balance its pH levels, which can help to counter the effects of a hangover.

Spinach and kale are also great sources of dietary fiber, which can help slow the absorption of alcohol, improve your immune system and help to reduce the severity of a hangover.

Additionally, these vegetables are loaded with antioxidants, which help to reduce inflammation and fight oxidative stress. Eating spinach and kale can also help to replenish your electrolytes so you can start feeling better.

Hydrating Fluids With High Amino Acids, Such as Water, Coconut Water, Orange Juice, Tomato Juice, and Watermelon

As someone who has experienced the terrible effects of a hangover one too many times, I can confidently say that the best foods to cure a hangover are those with high amounts of amino acid.

Hydrating fluids like water, coconut water, orange juice, tomato juice, green tea, watermelon, and pickle juice are all magical cures for treating the symptoms of a hangover.

Not only do they help to replenish lost fluids and help with hangover relief, but they also contain essential nutrients, electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins that are needed to help restore your body’s balance.

Consume Natural Remedies Like Honey, Ginger, and Lemon

When I’m feeling under the weather after a long night of partying and drinking, I always turn to natural remedies like honey, ginger, and lemon to cure my hangovers. I’ve found that these three ingredients are the best foods to help me feel better fast.

Honey is a natural sweetener and has many healing properties, while ginger has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help soothe the stomach. Lemon, on the other hand, is a natural antioxidant powerhouse and helps to flush out toxins from your body.

When I’m feeling particularly hungover, I like to make a smoothie with a few tablespoons of honey, a teaspoon of ginger, and the juice of half a lemon. I find this to be one of the best ways to cure a hangover, as natural remedies like honey, ginger, and lemon can provide powerful relief from unpleasant symptoms.


While there is no surefire cure for a hangover, eating the right foods may help to alleviate some of the symptoms. Try to choose nutritious, high-protein, high-fiber foods like eggs, oatmeal, bananas, and toast to help your body process the toxins in alcohol.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, opt for a nutritious smoothie or a bowl of soup and avoid greasy, spicy, and fried foods. Drinking plenty of water and getting adequate rest is also a necessary and known cure for successful hangover recovery.

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