Smoothies for Weight Loss – Smoothie Blues

Drinking smoothies can help a lot when it comes to trimming your body and reducing your weight.

The best thing about smoothies…they are made of all natural ingredients and they are yummy!

Smoothies are usually made out of blended fruits, however, to make them even more nutritious, add a few vegetables to the mix.

Looking for smoothie recipes?

Check out this article: Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss.

Smoothies For Weight Loss

The nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegetables contribute not just in shedding off the unwanted pounds, but also in improving your overall health.

For example, using antioxidant rich fruits like cranberry, blackberries and grapes will boost your immune system and help you fight free radicals within your body.

If you want to strut at the beach wearing your sexiest bikini or impress girls with your washboard abs, you might want to include drinking smoothies to your weight loss program.

Keep in mind though that it would still be necessary to exercise and regulate your diet to achieve desired weight loss results.

When you go to the mall or dine in one of your favourite restaurants, you will see smoothies on their menu.

These may or may not be made of fresh fruits or vegetables but more importantly, commercial smoothies will have syrup or sugar in it to enhance the taste.

This means that when you order such, you might just be elevating your blood sugar levels or taking in more calories then you expected.

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Smoothie recipes are best prepared at home, using only natural ingredients.

This also means that you have to skip the sugar, syrup and other flavoring.

If you would like to jazz up the taste a bit, the recommended ingredients that you could add to your weight loss smoothies are milk, yogurt, crushed nuts, wheat germ and protein powder.

Weight Loss Tips

Smoothie recipes which use high fiber fruit work best. The fiber content will keep you feeling full so you won’t be tempted to binge on junk food.

Even if you are dieting, using high fiber fruits prevents those unwanted starvation feelings.

Using fruits like pineapple, orange, papaya, raspberries or prunes would give you the necessary amount of fiber from fruits.

A simple smoothie contains at least 2 cups of fruit.

To be able to do achieve this, you can simply prepare ½ cup of each fruit like bananas, apples, oranges, grapes or any others that please your pallet.

Blend them with ½ cup of skim milk and ¼ cup of yogurt.

You may or may not want to add a little honey for additional sweetness.

Adding ice will also determine how thick your smoothie will become.

If you want it a bit watery, crushed ice works best.

On the other hand, using cube ice will retain the dense and thick texture.

Many people find it hard to eat the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables.

Drinking smoothies can easily resolve this concern.

It is actually a refreshing drink that you will certainly enjoy whether taken as a weight loss supplement or just as a yummy snack.

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