What Causes Chronic Inflammation?


At this point, you’re probably wondering what exactly causes this chronic inflammation, and how you can avoid it!

The short answer is, many parts of your diet and lifestyle can cause chronic inflammation, some of which may surprise you. Remember that many people don’t even know they are chronically inflamed, as it is a very difficult condition to identify and the effects may not be seen for years.

Common Causes of Chronic Inflammation:

  • Poor Diet

    A diet high in sugars, carbohydrates, refined and processed foods, and trans fats is highly inflammatory. Eating these kinds of foods triggers an inflammatory response in your body. Donuts, pastries, chips, soda and fried foods are among the worst, highly inflammatory foods. But don’t think you can just replace sugar with artificial sweeteners; Aspartame/NutraSweet and other sugar replacements have been shown to trigger inflammation as well (as well as many other problems.)

  • Stress

    It’s not just your diet that affects your physical health; lifestyle choices can just as easily trigger inflammation. When your body is under chronic stress, it triggers an immune response just as if it was under attack from an infection. It’s important to identify stressors in your life and take the time to relax and lower your stress levels to keep your health intact.

  • Environmental Causes

    Ever spend too long in a polluted part of the city and notice your body reacting with an allergic response? This is just one of many environmental causes of inflammation. Unfortunately, your environment is probably chock full of inflammatory triggers, causing your body to chronically fight off the problem. If you work in an office building, you might be breathing re-circulated air that contains chemicals from air fresheners, cleaning products, adhesives, plastics and any number of other substances that trigger an inflammatory response. Basically, being exposed to so many chemicals on a regular basis makes your immune system go crazy, and these kinds of chemicals can be found in our food and drinking water as well. It’s so important to be aware of what you’re taking in from your environment and diet, how it affects your health, and the steps you can take to reduce or avoid these inflammatory triggers.

  • Lack of Sleep and Exercise

    When your body is sleep-deprived it’s harder for your immune system to stay in balance, and the same goes for being obese or sedentary. It’s incredibly important to maintain a proper exercise plan to keep your body strong and make sure you get enough sleep so your body can recharge regularly.

  • Allergens

    Any allergens from food or environment are going to trigger inflammation, so make sure you know what your body reacts to and avoid these triggers.

How Can You Identify Chronic Inflammation?

Once you understand the root causes of chronic inflammation, it’s time to identify the condition and get your body back into a healthy immune balance. If you’re dealing with excess allergies, acne, heartburn, digestive problems, arthritic problems or ulcers, you’ve got an inflammatory condition. But oftentimes, you won’t even notice that your body is chronically inflamed unless you’re aware of the triggers mentioned above. A diet high in refined and processed carbohydrates or trans fats is highly inflammatory and chances are you’re dealing with at least some chronic inflammation if you include many of these foods in your diet.

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