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Begun as an offspring of my fascination with health and fitness, Weight Loss Ninja guides you through an array of topics that seek to educate you on the principles of nutrition and exercise.

You’ve come to this site for a reason, and hopefully we can fill the void you’ve been left with from other weight loss sites.

How to Lose Weight Fast
What we at Weight Loss Ninja have discovered is that while just about every diet leads to weight loss, not many of them are sustainable.

How many diets have you and your friends tried that led to that initial bliss of weight loss?

There is not a more triumphant feeling than watching those kilograms disappear.

Week one was easy. You were highly motivated and started seeing results almost immediately.

Perhaps the ensuing weeks were followed suit, as your new, improved physique was something you hadn’t seen since high school.

The next month or so was more of a struggle, as the mundaneness of the diet kicked in.

By the following month the restrictiveness of the diet led you to slip up a bit, and after that it was a free fall back to old habits.

Sustainability is Key!

Let’s face it, how many of us have the time, patience and perseverance to struggle our way through these popular diets?

Look around North America and Europe for the answer to this question. With obesity in the U.S. hovering around 36%, there is obviously something missing from most modern weight loss diets.

That “something” is sustainability.

So how do you make weight loss sustainable?

We believe it’s important to get away from the concept of “dieting”. At Weight Loss Ninja we promote healthy living.

Healthy eating habits play a massive role in healthy living.

The sooner you get on track and start making healthy eating choices, the sooner you’ll benefit.

The kilograms might not shed as quickly as with other diets, but they will come off, don’t worry.

Not only will they come off, they’ll stay off.

Weight loss is one of the results of healthy eating. It naturally ensues whether it seems like you’re trying or not.

But more importantly than just sheer weight loss, sustainable healthy eating leads to increased health and longevity.

Life’s short, so why not extend it for as long as possible? All the fruits of your hard working career are meaningless if you’re not around to enjoy them.

Sugar is the Root of All Evil (and maybe wheat too!)

Through extensive research and personal experience, we’ve found sugar to be the root of all evil.

Sometimes hard to detect because of its many disguises, sugar, with the exception of natural sugars derived from fruits, offers no health benefits.

Unless you’re running a marathon, you’re not likely to burn up all the sugar you eat. This excess sugar turns into fat.

Low-Fat will Make you Fat

As you’ll discover at Weight Loss Ninja, low-fat and fat-free foods are just as likely to add the pounds as the original versions.

The reason for this is simple; they often contain equal or greater amounts of sugar than their counterparts.

Processed foods, as a whole, are usually high in sugar, sodium and additives.

Though approved by the FDA, many scientists and nutritionists advise against the regular consumption of additives, as their long term side effects appear to be anything but positive.

Sodium, along with sugar, should be only derived from natural foods.

At the heart of the Weight Loss Ninja eating plan are real, natural foods.

Simply put, our bodies were not designed to consume the processed, synthesized foods so prevalent on supermarket shelves.

If you base your diet on real foods, such as lean meats, fish, nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, you don’t have to obsess about numbers.

Part of the reason popular diets are unsustainable is that they’re not practical.

Weight Loss Ninja

Who wants to jump on a scale everyday?

Who has time to count calories?

Who has time to read labels for hours at the supermarket?

The Ninja eating plan seeks to refocus your attention, steering you in the direction of real foods. Along with a bit of exercise, eating the right way is not only sustainable, it’s effective.

Of course, the purpose of this site is to guide you through this process, starting with the transition phase, then the sustainability phase.

We offer insightful articles related to our principles in an effort to educate on topics the general public is not often entirely aware of.

Our Resources page is a great place to find media, books, etc… pertaining directly to sustainable weight loss.

We’ve searched the web and compiled great references on this page.

Weight Loss Ninja Eating Plan

Now you’ve heard me mention a few times the “Weight Loss Ninja eating plan” and you might be wondering, “Well, where is it?”

It’s coming, I promise, try and be patient. Nick Davey and I are working feverishly on it and hope to release the 1st edition very soon.

We will keep you updated as we progress.