It’s time to recommit to your New Year’s Resolutions!

or just start healthy new ones :)



Summer is on its way, bringing with it, many social events that we want to look our best for. i.e. Summer Weddings, Family Reunions, Beach Outings, etc.

To assist in achieving your weight loss goals, I’ve compiled a list of the best weight loss options for 2013 and divided them into two lists; one for quick, short-term results and the other for more long-term, healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Short Term Weight Loss Options

If you can only commit to 3 weeks or are looking for a healthy jump-start, I’d highly recommend a sugar detox.

Make 2013 the year you heal your body and try to go sugar-free!  A 21 day trial is a perfect place to start.

Here are my recommended sugar cleanse options:

Let me explain these two options in a little more detail.  Fuel Fantastic Sugar Cleanse is an inexpensive, comprehensive guide to successfully completing a sugar detox.  For the Summer months, it will be priced at an affordable price of $2.99 and it is available for download on Amazon Kindle.  In it’s first month on Amazon, it has been downloaded over 9000 times!

Balanced Bites 21 Day Sugar Detox is the 2nd option you can use to detox your system of sugar.  Really the only major difference between the two are in-depth recipes and cost.  The Balanced Bites guide comes with many, many valuable sugar-free recipes and this guide is available as a PDF download.  The cost is $21 which is substantially more than option #1 but all-in-all I still think it is a great value.


Full-Length Weight Loss Plans

If you are ready to commit to serious, sustainable weight loss, I’ve compiled a list of plans that offer the best value.

Here are my 3 recommended diet plans:Diet That Works

Let me explain these three options in a little more detail. The Diet Solution is a proven weight loss plan that has helped thousands of people lose weight over the years. We have arranged our readers to try the Diet Solution for 21 days for the nominal fee of $1. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Fuel Fantastic Diet That Works is an Amazon Kindle book written by myself. Again, for the Summertime, it will be priced at an affordable $2.99. The primary focus of the book is showing individuals how to effectively heal their metabolism and how to avoid many of the dieting pitfalls and myths that actually impede weight loss.

Balanced Bites Practical Paleo is highly recommended and the only reason I list it last is because it is the most expensive option on the list. Diane is an amazing resource teaching and guiding people how to eat clean and get lean. I truly think this is a must read if you aren’t already familiar with living the Paleolithic lifestyle.



$1 Trial Offer!

$1 Trial Offer!


Bonus Offer

If you try the Diet Solution $1 Trial Offer, as a exclusive bonus only from Weight Loss Ninja, you can receive one of our books for free!

Simply forward your purchase receipt to and tell us which Fuel Fantastic book you want as a free gift.

You have two options for your free gift:  Pick one!

    1. Fuel Fantastic Sugar Cleanse
    2. Fuel Fantastic Diet That Works



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 That’s it!  If I find any other great promotions throughout the Summer, I’ll add them to the list.  So make sure to check back every once in awhile.

Kind Regards,

 -Kelly Fitzsimmons-