Juicing for Health – Detoxify Your Life

There are a lot of available food supplements on the market these days and some of them are actually good, surprise, surprise.

But do you know that you can also achieve the same results they promise if you start juicing for health?

What exactly does this mean?

Juicing for Health

Juicing is a method of taking in an increased amount of juice that is made of naturally squeezed fruits and vegetables.

This is also called juice fasting by others because they substitute their meals with a glass of fruits or vegetable juice recipes. *Note: Juice fasting is different than intermittent fasting. If you are interested in intermittent fasting, check out our article: Eat Stop Eat.

There is no reason to doubt the efficacy of the juices when it comes to improving overall health because it is a fact that fruits and vegetables are rich in essential nutrients that are needed by the body.

Not processing or cooking the fruits and vegetables before they are used for various juicing recipes is the best way to consume all the vitamins and minerals.


When heat or extreme cold is applied to these, some of the nutrients are destroyed.

To truly be able to enjoy the benefits of juicing, it is recommended not to peel the skin of fruits. Of course, this is not applicable for fruits like oranges, pineapple, melon or banana. However, for berries, apples, pears, grapes, you might want to retain the skin.

Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing for its weight loss benefits is becoming more and more popular because of the amazing results that it can give.

First, when fasting by taking various types of fruit and vegetable juices, you won’t feel like your stomach is empty, the ingredients will certainly satisfy your hunger.

Second, unlike other diets, you will not feel like your energy is depleting or that you are having difficulty in concentrating at work or other activities.

Third, it is also a good way of cleansing your body from all the toxins.

In addition to those three reasons, it is very easy to stick to this diet.

The juices taste excellent so every gulp will be a pleasure. If you use high-fiber fruits and vegetables like pineapple, papaya, broccoli, carrots and avocado, you would not feel hungry for several hours. That way, you can control your cravings for food.

To read the nutritional breakdown on carrots, broccoli and avocado, check out these articles:

A juicing diet is not really difficult to follow. Since the popularity of this method has increased over the years, there are already a lot of juicing recipes that you can find.

You won’t need to drink the same juice every single day. Among the popular choices include the use of aloe vera, oranges, cranberries and/or prunes.

Aloe vera juice has many benefits which include weight loss, lowering high blood pressure and regulating sugar levels in the body. The aloe is also helpful when it comes to repairing body tissues.

Orange juice and prune juice are also excellent choices because of the high amounts of fiber in these fruits which contribute a lot in shedding off those extra pounds. Their antioxidants also strengthen your immune system.

When it comes to detoxifying, cranberry juice is what you should go for. The components of cranberry effectively eradicate the toxins and flush them out of the body.

Those are just some of the common ingredients used for recipes for juicing. You can mix and match different fruits and vegetables depending on your preference when it comes to taste. Juicing for health truly is a great way not just to lose weight but also to enhance your overall health. *Note: We provide you with a mini juicing diet in the Juice Fasting article.

If you have read this far and are still looking for more information on juicing for health, head on over to the Healing Daily.

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  1. Very good article. I too use supplements, but I prefer getting my vitamins and nutrients and everything else I need from raw fruits and vegetables. Organic if possible. Raw is the way to go! Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!
    Rich recently posted..THK Juicing Guide | Juicing BenefitsMy Profile

  2. Hey Kelly thanks for the nice tips. Sure we don’t have to and actually we shouldn’t be drinking the same juice everyday. This will make the whole detox process boring and hard to cope with, since our body already lacks the tasty food :)

    Aloe juice is something I hate (to be honest) because of its taste. And yes Cranberry is great for detox! Thanks again.
    Jane recently posted..Juice Detox: How Good Is Juice Detox For Your Health?My Profile