How to Get Rid of Water Weight and Maybe Your Love Handles too!

If you have water weight issues, we have all the answers you need in this article.

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Even the most athletic people out there can identify with the issues of getting rid of excess water weight.

One can have an intense regular workout regiment and a healthy diet but can still find themselves constantly struggling to get rid of bloating that occasionally builds up around their core.

How to Get Rid of Water Weight

The best place to begin addressing issues of water weight is to dive into your diet.

This is where you are going to find the causes to your problems.

A healthy daily diet and regular exercise are the keys to reducing your water weight and water retention issues.

Keeping well hydrated is unspeakably important to one’s general health.

The main problem with bloating as a result of excess water weight is that it is often an indication of an imbalance of chemicals in the body responsible for properly managing fluid retention, as well as a wide range of other functions.

What is the prime suspect in this case?


In many western countries a high sodium diet had become pervasive.

Found in high volume in most canned foods, fast food and quick baked meals, sodium is a prime factor in water retention.

Sodium normally works in tandem with potassium at managing the body’s fluid balance.

If you increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables you will be going a long way toward shedding that layer of sodium infested bloating that seems impossible to remove from your midsection.

Potassium and Magnesium

Bananas area widely available sources of potassium, as well as avocados and raisins, but one should also be sure to include magnesium in their diet to ensure proper absorption of the potassium.

To read more about bananas, check out this article: Banana Nutrition.

Magnesium is found in high amounts in legumes and nuts, as well as in whole grains.

When consumed together, magnesium is essential in transporting potassium into the cell where it is needed most.

Without the proper magnesium intake you might not be getting the most out of the potassium in your diet.

Should I be drinking less water?

Absolutely not.

This could be a disastrous interpretation of having excess water weight.

The problem in most cases of bloating is dehydration.

By drinking a lot of water one can actually flush out the excess sodium that is causing them to retain fluid.

Essentially drinking a ton of water is the number one way to reduce water retention.

Many people, in fact, believe that they have a layer of fat that they can never get rid of no matter how hard they try.

Often this is actually a layer of fluid under the skin that is being retained by excess sodium ions.

By drinking plenty of water each day and partaking in activities that make you sweat on a daily basis as well one can easily flush out this fluid and the sodium ions as well, improving muscle tone and trimming down the layer of fluid that is often mistaken as body fat.

Final Thoughts

A highly active lifestyle should be maintained along with a low sodium – high potassium diet in flushing out the old sodium ions and establishing a new healthy balance.

Balance is always the key when it comes to keeping your body healthy.

Make some healthy changes, as soon as possible!

*This article was written by professional blogger and fitness enthusiast, Josh Henningsgaard.

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  1. Thank you for this article that was great information. Your video here is also very good, when you are thinking about water weight you are not thinking about drinking water or eating anything. But the banana I have a problem with because they are high in carbohydrates as well right? I am trying to eat low carbs and a banana doesn’t fit.

  2. Hi Richard,

    Eating a low carb diet is very common nowadays. Eating some carbs before a workout is ok though, you need the energy to effectively workout.

    Thanks for dropping by.