How Much Protein is in an Egg

You probably already know that eggs are a rich protein source.

The amount of protein in an egg is arguably the most significant reason they are consumed in such large quantity.

OK, let’s answer the question we all came to find out.

How Much Protein in an Egg

Each egg contains 5-8 grams of protein, depending on the size. The amount of protein in eggs compares quite well with other protein-rich foods.

Aside from the high amounts of protein found in one egg, there are other health benefits too.

Eggs are loaded with nutrients, including Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Phosphorus, and nearly half of the daily required intake of Selenium, as recommended by the FDA.

Selenium is an important antioxidant that helps prevent cellular damage.

Although there is a lot of protein in eggs, and also many vitamins and minerals…

Eggs also have a downside.

They are relatively high in fat, including saturated fat, and one egg contains a whopping 141% of your daily cholesterol need.

Though some research shows that cholesterol in food does not affect blood cholesterol levels. The jury might still be out on this one, but I choose to make eggs a staple in my diet.

If you are unsure of how much cholesterol you should eat, and how many eggs may higher your cholesterol, take a look at this article from the Mayo Clinic here.

Kelly: Eggs are a big staple in my diet too.

Many people, wary of the high amount of cholesterol found in eggs, especially in the egg yolk, have compromised by eliminating the cholesterol-laden yolk from their favorite recipes and eating only the egg white. (Warning: eggs should be eaten as a whole to prevent a biotin deficiency)

You may wonder, though, are you sacrificing nutrients and protein by eating only the egg whites?

How Much Protein in an Egg White

If an egg has 6 grams of protein, more than half of the protein (3.2 grams) is found in the egg white.

The amount of protein in egg whites is also significant because they are almost entirely free of fat and cholesterol.

Protein in egg whites is a good bet for those concerned with fat and cholesterol. Conversely, many of the other nutrients in an egg are found in the yolk.

How Much Protein in an Egg Yolk

Using the same 6 gram-sized egg, an egg yolk would have about 2.8 grams of protein by itself. As mentioned above, the egg yolk is also the nutrient-dense part of the egg.

We’ve examined how many grams of protein are in an egg.

Finally, let’s see if egg preparation style affects the protein content of an egg.

How Much Protein in a Hard Boiled Egg

A hard boiled-egg retains the same amount of protein as a raw egg.

The same can be said for nearly all egg preparation styles.


While the protein content might not change, the way an egg is cooked and served can most certainly alter the nutritional value of the dish.

If you read our previous article about the amount of calories in eggs, you probably remember how quickly a healthy food such as an egg can become unhealthy.

Along with roughly 6 grams of protein, an egg also has about 65 calories.

When we examined the amount of calories in several popular egg dishes, we discovered that Eggs Benedict packs a monster 800 calories and 70 grams of fat!

*This article was written by Gregg Mumma, one of our regular guest writters.

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