How Many Calories in an Egg?

by Kelly Fitzsimmons

how many calories in an egg

You might be hard-pressed to find a dietary staple as ubiquitous as the egg.

Eggs are served up on a daily basis in a multitude of ways around the world.

In the United States alone, the estimated number of eggs eaten each day is over 200,000,000!

With so many consumed every day, you may wonder…

How Many Calories in an Egg

Well, you came to the right place!

There are so many different ways to prepare an egg, which could change the calorie count. We’re going to look at the calorie count of a few popular egg dishes today. But first, let’s examine how many calories are in one egg.

One raw, medium-sized egg contains 65 calories.

Some dishes that include eggs call for the separation of the egg whites and the egg yolk.

Before we look at the calorie content of some popular ways to prepare eggs, let’s first look at the amount of calories found in egg whites and egg yolks.

How Many Calories in an Egg White

Many health-conscious people turn to egg whites to get the benefits that eggs offer without the fat and cholesterol. There are about 15 calories in the egg whites of a medium-sized egg.

How Many Calories in an Egg Yolk

The majority of the calories found in an egg are saturated in the yolk. Nearly 50 calories are found in the yolk of a medium-sized egg. Yolks are composed of the bulk of the nutrients found in the egg, however.

Now that we’ve revealed the calorie breakdown of an egg, let’s look at the number of calories in popular egg dishes.

How Many Calories are in a Boiled Egg

A boiled egg has the same amount of calories as a raw egg.

They also retain all of the health benefits of eggs during the boiling process. Calories in a boiled egg may rise if garnished, depending on the condiment.

How Many Calories in a Scrambled Egg

This all depends on the means of preparing scrambled eggs. If you use butter, for example, you’re adding about 40 calories per pat of butter.

If you are looking for a healthier alternative, try olive oil. Many people like to add other food items to their scrambled eggs.

This can be good and bad.

Adding vegetables like mushrooms or spinach make scrambled eggs even healthier. On the contrary, adding cheese or fatty meats commonly included in western breakfasts such as sausage or bacon, will skyrocket the calorie count.

How Many Calories in a Poached Egg

Like all of the other aforementioned egg preparations, a poached egg has the same amount of calories as a raw egg.

When I think of poached eggs though, I think of one of my favorite Sunday brunch indulgences, eggs Benedict. An order of eggs Benedict is composed of nearly 800 calories, and nearly 70 grams of fat!

Eggs Benedict is a perfect example of good foods gone bad.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with food is assuming their favorite dishes are healthy because they include healthy ingredients.

If you think like this, you might be left with egg on your face when you discover the true nutritional value!

How many calories in egg salad?

One cup of egg salad made with mayonnaise contains about 120 calories. The amount of calories in egg salad varies quite a bit, depending on the ingredients.

Again, if you want to receive the nutritional benefits of eggs and are calorie conscious, substitute mayonnaise with a healthier alternative, such as Greek yoghurt.

Now you know how many calories are in eggs. The amount of calories in a raw egg or an egg dish prepared with healthy ingredients are relatively low. Eggs are also rich in nutrients.

Final Thoughts

For the calorie-concerned, don’t be afraid to include eggs in your diet. Make sure to pay attention to their preparation though, and when possible, substitute fatty and calorie-laden ingredients with healthier ones.

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*This article was written by guest blogger, Gregg Mumma.

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