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Effective Exercise Regimes Revealed

Listed are 5 highly effective exercise regimes that improve fitness levels, aid in health and help you to shed excess weight.

How much daily cardio is needed to lose weight successfully?

How Much Cardio to Lose Weight

To answer the question of How Much Cardio to Lose Weight, lets start with hearing what the US Surgeon General has to say. The US Surgeon General’s current recommendation is 150 minutes of moderately intense activity each week. So cardio exercises such as jogging, brisk walking or swimming would fall into this category. Cardio can […]

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Best Core Exercises – For Sculpted Chiseled Abs

Core exercises should be an essential part of any workout routine. If you are neglecting the core muscles (abs, obliques, hip flexors, lower back) during your workouts, you are doing your body quite the disservice. As its name implies, the core is truly the center of the body. In fact, every muscle group relies on […]

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Bodyweight Exercises – A Home Based Body

Don’t have enough time to go to the gym? Tired of the crowds and high costs of fitness centers? The solution is simple; bodyweight exercises (calisthenic exercises). In its purest form, bodyweight exercise is defined as various types of exercises that use bodyweight as resistance. This means equipment is minimal, and rarely constitutes the core […]

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Office Calisthenics – Workplace Calisthenics Routine

We’ve all fought it, we’ve all suffered from it. Office fatigue is a working man/woman’s disease! The result of a serious lack of energy stemming from boredom, enclosure and mundane tasks, office fatigue makes even the most professional workers less productive. However, fear no more. The answer lies in office calisthenics. A form of exercise […]

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Plank Exercises – The Definitive Guide

All plank exercises start with: The plank, an older cousin of planking, is a common exercise used to strengthen core muscles around the torso, mostly targeting the back and stomach. Termed “the plank” because its participants resemble planks of wood, this exercise is a great way to strengthen the abdominals and lower back muscles. Not […]

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Calisthenic Exercises – Workouts – Routines – No Excuses

For those of us using the high cost of gym fees as an excuse for not exercising, we may have to reconsider the importance of exercise. Calisthenic exercises have been around for thousands of years. The definition is as simple as their practice; the use of bodyweight and gravity to condition the body. They are […]