Five Ways the Japanese Diet Can Turn Your Health Around

Japan has long been recognized in the medical community as one of the healthiest countries in the world, if not the healthiest. The country has the highest life expectancy rate out of all countries, with an average of 82.73. This is coupled with extremely low mortality rates due to chronic diseases such as heart disease, [...]

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Happiness Diet Plan Review

Most diets are designed to make you lose weight, but imagine a diet that will make you healthier and happier in addition to losing this weight. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you…. The Happiness Diet Plan Review Drew Ramsey and Tyler Graham have devised this unique diet that allows its users to fully utilize [...]

egg nutrition facts

Learning the Egg Nutritional Facts of Life

Eggs have received a bad rap over the years in the media and have been condemned for all sorts of unhealthy things. The truth is that eggs are one of the most nutritious foods you can find. They’re full of valuable vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Eggs are part of a healthy lifestyle [...]

effective exercise regime

Effective Exercise Regimes Revealed

Listed are 5 highly effective exercise regimes that improve fitness levels, aid in health and help you to shed excess weight.

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Low Mercury Fish – Which Fish Are Safe For Consumption

Mercury occurs in a number of forms and, in large enough doses, can cause a toxic effect on the lungs, brain and kidneys. The most common way this occurs is through the ingestion of mercury, called methylmercury, when eating seafood. This is particularly a problem for young children and pregnant or breastfeeding women as high [...]

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Does The Dukan Diet Work?

In a nutshell, yes, the Dukan diet is one of the diets that work. Though this is with much instruction, planning and personal discipline. This diet plan is as complicated as it comes when discussing weight loss.

Benefits of a Home Gym

The Benefits of a Home Gym

Whether you’re a regular gym member or a couch potato looking to kick-start an exercise regime, investing in a home gym can have a wide range of benefits. You’ll need to set aside a room for this endeavor of course and most likely, you’ll need every bit of spare cash you can get to fund the [...]

Olive Oil isn't the only healthy dietary.

A Primer on Dietary Fats

So today, we are going to debunk some of the more common preconceptions related to dietary fats. Here are some my favorite myths many people still believe to be true.

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Portion Distortion – Bigger Plates Leads to Bigger Bellies

It is a sad truth nowadays that a lot of people are troubled with obesity. One common reason for this near epidemic problem is portion distortion. Portion distortion is not a permanent problem that is impossible to resolve. In fact, all it takes is some portion control in your eating habits and a little effort [...]

Five facts about flaxseed

Five Facts about Flax

Read this article now to learn five facts about flaxseed and the healthy reasons to incorporate more flaxseed into your regular diet.

apple nutrition calories in an apple

Apple Nutrition – Get Book Smart

For those who would like to lose weight, apple calories are not something that should trigger anxiety. Calories in food do not automatically lead to harmful health effects or added fat. In fact, the calories in an apple are good calories which can pump up your energy and increase your metabolism.

The plastic used for bottled water takes 1,000 years to biodegrade.

Choosing the Best Home Water Cooler

The plastic used for bottled water takes 1,000 years to biodegrade.


Top 5 Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Tips

Here are the Top 5 Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Tips: Eat Whole Foods This means eating foods as close to their natural state as possible. The more ingredients are in the food you eat, the higher the chance that these are processed, chemical or additives that are highly likely to cause inflammation. Stick to fruits and vegetables, meat, [...]

Prasouda diet recipes

Prasouda Diet Recipes – Simple Delightful

Here is part 2 of our Prasouda Diet Recipe series. We hope you enjoy! Recipes featured in this article are: Spicy Eggplant & Feta Dip Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast White Wine and Garlic Mussels Panzanella Salad with Salmon Mediterranean Style Orzo Poached Pomegranate Pears Introducing our first menu item: Spicy Eggplant & Feta [...]

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Glycation Makes You Old and Wrinkled

Learn more about the real dangers of Glycation.

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Ways to Help You Lose Weight – Scientifically Proven

We are overrun with fad diets, each proclaiming to be the answer to all our problems, the key to weight loss success. Now, while many of them contain positive elements, they often take things to extremes and they just aren’t sustainable. Take the Atkins Diet, one of the first big celebrity endorsed diets; sure you’ll [...]

Why is Gluten Bad for You

Why is Gluten Bad For You?

We’ve already mentioned wheat and why it should be avoided. If you rack your brain, you’ll recall the number one reason we advise against wheat is gluten. What is gluten and why is it bad for you? Broken down into laymen terms, gluten is a stretchy protein found in many types of grains. Its usefulness [...]

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Canola Oil vs Olive Oil – Title Match

Time was slipping deep into the night, and the crowd was getting restless as they waited for the main event. Canola Oil vs Olive Oil Who was going to come out on top, who would pack the biggest punch? An interview from earlier in the evening sheds some light into their childhoods. Canola Oil plans [...]

is green tea good for you

Green Tea – Weight Loss Supplement?

There is no doubt that green tea can be a wonderful drink whether it is taken hot or cold. Would it really help to drink green tea to help with weight loss? The history of green tea can be traced back for thousands years. In China, there exists a literary work which dates back 5000 [...]


Ahi Poke – A Perfect Sugar Detox Recipe

Ahi Poke is a dish that is enjoyed by many, but made by few. It consists of fresh raw tuna mixed with a few seasonings. Besides being so tasty for how simple it is, it also is very healthy.

the warrior diet

The Warrior Diet Review: Unleash Your Primal Potential

Are you looking to unleash your inner warrior? If so, then you’ll certainly want to consider giving the Warrior Diet a try.

sugar addiction

Sugar Addiction: The Perpetual Cycle

how to remedy your weight loss saboteurs

How to Remedy Your Weight Loss Saboteurs

Weight loss saboteurs come in a variety of disguises. However, the common ground they share is dangerous. By sabotaging weight loss, weight loss saboteurs make sustainable healthy living almost impossible. Among the most common saboteurs are friends, family, time patterns and destructive eating habits. Finding a way to cope with saboteurs is essential. Once you [...]

How much daily cardio is needed to lose weight successfully?

How Much Cardio to Lose Weight

To answer the question of How Much Cardio to Lose Weight, lets start with hearing what the US Surgeon General has to say. The US Surgeon General’s current recommendation is 150 minutes of moderately intense activity each week. So cardio exercises such as jogging, brisk walking or swimming would fall into this category. Cardio can [...]

Motivation to Lose Weight

Find Your Motivation to Lose Weight Today

Embarking on any weight loss program can at times be a lonely and disheartening road. It can be hard to stay motivated because your hard work can often not get the immediate results you are looking for. There are however lots of things you can do to ensure you stick to your chosen diet and/or [...]