How to Detox From Sugar

We provide you with a wealth of information on the best way to detox from sugar and on the immediate and long term benefits of detoxing. Learn more now.

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Sugar, we all know and love it, particularly those of us with an unruly sweet tooth. I am guilty myself of possessing a hidden stash of sweets, an occasional guilty pleasure. The secretive manner in which I eat my sugary snacks is proof enough that I am aware of the adverse health effects of consuming these items. However, what about [...]

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how to sugar detox

Detoxing from sugar altogether may seem like a radical step but it’s easy to understand why, for some people, just cutting down on sugar isn’t enough. One of the major negative consequences of sugar consumption is weight gain, but in addition to this, sugar is linked to mood swings and is highly addictive. Unfortunately, more and more each day, you [...]

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Why do we crave sugar?

The obvious answer to this question being; because it tastes so good. While that’s true, there are also scientific and psychological explanations for why so many of us can’t get enough sugar. Sugar is a ‘simple carbohydrate’ and carbohydrates as a whole, trigger the release of serotonin, a brain chemical which makes us feel good or contented. Sugar does this [...]

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