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Motivation and dietary advice on how sustainable weight loss should be a natural by-product of a fun and active lifestyle, eating and enjoying real food.

Post image for How to Lose Weight Fast: Just the Facts, Without the Fiction

One of the hardest challenges anybody will ever face in their life is the uphill battle to reverse one’s unwanted weight gain. The numbers on the weight scale always seem to keep going up, never down. Why is that? In this article, I have done my best to deliver to you just the unbiased facts on how to successfully lose weight [...]

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how to lose weight fast

There are plenty of diets out there that make the lose weight fast claim. These diets may offer ways to lose weight quick, but they’re often abandoned and old habits return, along with the lost weight. This is why many people seeking to lose weight spend a lot of time and energy going from one diet fad to the next. [...]

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is soy milk bad for you

The male population might want to learn a little more about the possible harmful side effects of soy consumption. Many vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as restricted diets concerned with food-based allergies and lactose intolerance are reliant on foods derived from the soybean. Soy products, especially tofu and soy milk, have become widely accepted as healthier alternatives to animal [...]

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