Foods That Increase Metabolism: Your Super Fuel

Living an active lifestyle is a sure-fire way to increase your metabolism.

But if you’re spending plenty of time devoted to fitness, and are still asking the question “How can I increase my metabolism?”, then you might want to look to your diet.

Certain foods have been proven to speed up metabolism even more than exercise alone.

When these foods are coupled with a fitness routine, you are most likely to increase your metabolism.

You see, even when you are resting, your body is still at work.

The rate at which you burn calories during a more relaxed state is called the basal metabolic rate (BMR).

The following foods represent natural ways to increase metabolism, or more specifically, your basal metabolic rate.

Foods That Increase Metabolism

Fruits that increase metabolism

It’s no secret that most fruits are a delicious, healthy, and vitamin-packed food source.

Along with the benefits mentioned above, some fruit can also increase the metabolism.

A wide range of fruit, from papaya to berries, can aid in increasing metabolism.

Let’s take a look at two specifically, and determine how they actually increase your metabolism.


Apples are a low-calorie fruit. They do contain plenty of fiber, which is broken down in the body through the burning of calories.


Like the apple, the grapefruit is high in fiber. It also helps lower insulin levels in the body.

Insulin levels determine the amount of fat the body stores.

The lower the insulin levels, the higher the metabolism.

Aside from fruit, which other foods are a welcome addition to your diet to increase metabolism?


Natural yogurt contains a lot of protein.

Not only does protein help build lean muscle, but it requires a lot of calories to be processed by the body.

Yogurt also helps regulate the digestive tract because of the presence of pro-biotic cultures.

Lean Meats

Like yogurt, lean meats, such as chicken and turkey, contain a lot of protein and are scant on fat. The lean muscle tissue built by proteins needs a lot of energy to maintain.


Spicy Foods

Yes, it’s true. Spicy food, more specifically, food that uses hot chilies of any variety, can increase metabolism.

Hot chilies contain capcaisin, which make your body burn calories long after they’ve been eaten.

Capcaisins cause some people to sweat when they’re eating a spicy Indian curry or some fiery Mexican cuisine, but don’t shy away from the spice if you want to increase your metabolism!

The sweat is a sign your body is working overtime.


Caffeinated beverages, natural and unsweetened, can kick start your metabolism.

A cup of green tea possesses healthy catechins, which invigorate the nervous system and cause the body to burn more calories.

Black coffee, when used in moderation, speeds up the metabolism with a shot of caffeine.

Read this article: Green Tea vs Coffee to further compare these two beverages.


If you are looking for foods that increase metabolism, these foods and drinks are just a few super-fueled offerings to help you do so.

Increasing metabolism naturally is quite simple. In fact, you likely already eat some of these foods on a regular basis.

Good Luck!

*This article was written by Gregg Mumma; one of our regular guest bloggers.

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