Egg White Recipes – Healthier mayo?

There are few natural foods that are as versatile and nutritious in their normal form as the egg white.

This power-food packs in wide assortment of amino acids, vitamins and minerals with a relatively low calorie content.

Best of all, egg whites can prove themselves complimentary to breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.

This means that you are not limited to using them for only a small number of tastes.

Egg whites can be used with delicious foods from all parts of the globe.

One can also reap the benefits of eggs without experiencing a substantial increase in their daily calorie intake by learning some healthy recipes.

There are a number of Mexican dishes that can be improved by adding some scrambled egg whites.

The balance of the spicy taste of the Mexican chilies and the rich taste of the eggs, along with some hot sauce and other herbs and spices, will prove to be a dish that you will savor.

A breakfast burrito with turkey sausage, scrambled egg whites, chilies and chopped fresh tomato can be a nutritious and delicious way to start the day.

Egg White Recipes

A guilty pleasure in many Western diets is mayonnaise. Any sandwich, burger, plate of fries or dipping sauce is made instantly better by adding a dollop of this heaven-sent substance.

But just as the flavor is taken to another level, the calorie intake per serving also gets kicked up a few notches.

Making mayonnaise at home using the egg whites without the yolk can be a good way to enjoy the same taste without the negative effects of the high saturated fat content.

Typically all that is needed is egg whites, lemon juice, mustard, salt and oil.

The type of oil you choose to use can determine the overall nutrient density of this homemade condiment.

Safflower oil and olive oil are known to be relatively low in saturated fats, making your own homemade mayo a much healthier choice than the store-bought brand.

Can you make the perfect omelet?

Omelets can be one of the best egg white breakfast recipes.

Omelets have been a breakfast staple for many years, and can be made with the same rich taste using only the whites by adding the right mix of garlic, herbs and vegetables.

Common choices for a healthy but delicious omelet are sautéed onion, roasted potatoes, and chopped green and red bell peppers.

Add a couple ounces of shredded sharp cheddar cheese on top and some zesty fresh salsa on the side and your taste buds will be singing their praises for this incredible concoction.

Final Thoughts

Egg whites, known as the albumen, are the clear, runny portion that you see when you crack an egg.

It is meant to sustain a fertilized chicken embryo while it grows in the shell.

The albumen contains almost no fat or sugar, and has a substantial amount of balanced amino acids.

There can be a large amount of disagreement regarding egg white nutrition, but it seems clearly beneficial to add egg whites into your diet whenever possible, and there will be plenty of opportunities.

Photo: Grant Cochrane

*This article was written by guest blogger, Josh Henningsgaard.

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