The Benefits of a Home Gym

Benefits of a Home Gym

Come Learn the Benefits of a Home Gym

Whether you’re a regular gym member or a couch potato looking to kick-start an exercise regime, investing in a home gym can have a wide range of benefits.

You’ll need to set aside a room for this endeavor of course and most likely, you’ll need every bit of spare cash you can get to fund the purchase.

Do you have a spare room full of dusty piles of unwanted DVDs, CDs and video games?

If you do, gather them all up and sell them on using the cash you make from clearing our your old unwanted stuff and putting it towards the purchase of some basic gym equipment.

A bench and a set of weights are the minimum requirements for your home gym. If you know the right exercises, these will provide you with all you need to reach your personal fitness goals. Other simple but versatile items include a gym mat and an exercise ball.

If you have the space, you may wish to consider a multi-gym, cross-trainer or other exercise machine. The best part of having your own home-based gym is that you decide what goes in it, and you can tailor it to your exact specifications.

The Top Benefit of a Home Gym

Perhaps the most obvious upside to working out at home is that you’ll never need to travel to the gym again. This will save on time as well as gas so you can feel even better about yourself whilst exercising.

The Next Benefit

The other great thing about having a home gym is that it’s always available. It is open 24/7, and when you’re there you have the run of the house: You don’t have to worry about your favourite machine being in use, there’s never any queuing for equipment so your muscles don’t have time to cool between exercises and you can jump straight into your own shower afterward.

It may cost a few hundred dollars for the initial set up of your home gym, but considering the exorbitant membership rates for commercial gyms these days, you will easily save a tone of cash in the long run. I’ll bet that with a bit of ingenuity you could even set up a simple home gym for less than the price of a year’s membership at your local gym.

Clean Equipment

Another great benefit of a home gym is hygiene. Public gyms can be a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. Doing your exercise at home can reduce your chances of catching diseases or fungal infections.

Be Your Own DJ

In your own gym you can listen to whatever music you, as loud as you like, without having to worry about tripping over your headphone cable on the running machine. What’s more, you can wear whatever you like without feeling embarrassed.


You may feel more comfortable exercising out of reach of the judgemental gaze of strangers, especially, say, if you are particularly under or overweight. Or perhaps, as is a common experience for many women, you are fed up of being stared at and even chatted-up by testosterone-fuelled macho-men while trying to work out.

So you can see, there are many benefits of a home gym, and we’ve only listed a few here. It may take that extra bit of effort initially, but you will reap the benefits for years to come.

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