Catching up! Highlights from the weekend and Monday, 11/20/17

Busy past few days, I’ve been keeping an eye on all the games but just haven’t had time to throw up clips and/or comments.  Better late than never!

First of all… let’s get this one out of hte way.  Robert Williams destroyed this man tonight.  Can you say #DunkOfTheYear candidate?


I loved these two blocks from Xavier Tillman the other night as well.  Michigan State is much more than just the Miles Bridges show.




This step-back the other night brought back memories of Kemba Walker.  Just filthy.


And something about this dunk from New Mexico State’s Sidy N’dir got me feeling some kind of way.  The pull back on it is just perfect.  #DunkOfTheYear



Breaking up the dunk monotony… This kid Chris Clemons is a joy to watch, if you get the chance.

And my adopted favorite squad out in the desert can really fill it up from deep.  I mean DEEP.


This is by far one of the best weeks of the college basketball season.  We’ve got about 50 tournaments taking place with games on at all hours of the day featuring a wide range of strange and intriguing matchups.  I want to get more into just writing about the season and not solely sharing my favorite highlights, and this might serve as a good week to jump into that as the landscape becomes a little clearer with all these games on the schedule.  Not sure though.

Can only promise I’m going to enjoy watching and taking it all in.

Wednesday/Thursday Highlights – 11/15/17 & 11/16/17

Good couple of nights of hoops.  Creighton took down Northwestern on the road Wednesday, while Seton Hall and UNC protected their home courts.  Then we had a whole slew of surprising results Thursday, like Missouri getting smacked around by Utah and Illinois State beating South Carolina.

Most importantly though, we got some good highlights to review.  Starting out in Vegas, a vicious lob and finish from the Rebs as they have their way with Prairie View.


Xavier and Wisconsin played a great one tonight, had a sweet sixteen matchup feel to it.  Really impressive win by the X-men in a building where not many teams win other than the Badgers.  This was probably my favorite play of the night, if it’s any consolation to Wisconsin fans.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys are fun when they get out on the break this year.

I saw two guys throw oops off the backboard tonight, but the Johnnies did it best.



Lastly, a high flying put back from Eastern Michigan in their win over Arkansas State.